How to recover funds sent directly to wrong Public Address (for multi-coin/token wallets) Trust Wallet App

How to recover funds sent directly to wrong Public Address (for multi-coin/token wallets) Trust Wallet App

By L | cryptomaniac | 16 Jun 2020


Man I sent my bitcoins to my eth address in Trust Wallet. I'm dead.



Have you tried/encountered the same Pepe had accidentally done? Well worry no more and stop crying! Luckily, we have some workaround to help you out in Trust Wallet App Smile and try these steps outlined below to recover your coins sent to a wrong public address!

Important! Please do note that you cannot recover any sent token to an address which you do not own.

What are we waiting for? Let's do our thing and help Pepe recover his coins!


Get your Private Key

For instance, like Pepe has accidentally done, he deposited a coin to his eth address in trust wallet. This can be worked out using the private key. As you may notice, majority of multi-currency wallets such as trust have one mnemonic phrases/codes which you can actually use to generate/access or even extract any eligible and known cryptocurrency sent on it.

Thanks to the MIT-licensed software of Ian Coleman

(Caution: I strongly advise of running Mnemonic Decoders offline in order to reduce the risks of having your wallet stolen. Be very careful on using other decoders.)



From here, you have to input your mnemonic/passphrase or seed. In Pepe's case it is mnemonic. Which can be accessed thru Settings, Refer to the following screenshots:






Select a coin

Now at the Mnemonic Decoder, select the coin you had accidentally sent the funds to. In Pepe's case he sent bitcoins to his eth address, so we'll pick ETH in the droplist.



What if the coin you sent your funds to isn't on the dropdown list?

If the coin you accidentally send your funds to is missing on dropdown the dropdown list, you need to chose ETH - Ethereum and then select the BIP32 option under Derivation Path, Client “Custom derivation path”. From there you need to setup the coin's derivation path. You can research for your coin's derivation path, they are usually available to the public.

Below are some examples of known coins. (Screen from TrustWallet Community)

For Bitcoin, you have to set BIP84 inorder to get the private key.


Get and recover your private key!

Assuming you followed all steps, scroll down from the Mnemonic Decoder and you can see the derived addresses and it's public and private keys. Refer to the screen below. (I hid mine, sorry 😂)


Recover your lost coin! 

Now last step, copy the derived private key and recover it to a multi-currency wallet such as Trust Wallet App. And viola! You now have your coins back! 😎


Works like magic. For experimental and educational purposes I tried to send coins to my ETH address and managed to recover them using the steps outlined above. 

Since we're finished helping Pepe recover his lost coins, I think it's time for you to try recovering yours! Let me know if these steps helped you recover your coins in the comments below! I haven't tried on other software wallets yet, but since Ian Coleman's decoder is pretty handy and concise, it should also work on other non-custodial multi-currency wallets available. 😎

Special thanks to the Trust Wallet Community for sharing this useful ideas, we don't know how much worth of coins/tokens are lost.



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