Crypto Allows Everyone To Buy A Piece of the New Internet, Yet Only a Few Get That
Crypto Allows Everyone To Buy A Piece of the New Internet, Yet Only a Few Get That

By Ra.Tomps | CryptoMadness | 27 Aug 2019

Look, we need to realize how damn early we actually are within this industry. Although we are far beyond the genesis stage, we are still well within the infancy of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin was a person, we would still consider them as an underdeveloped child who needs looking after. 

It is important to realize the power of blockchain technology and the way that it will impact the future world. Many of us understand that it will have some sort of impact, possibly akin to the impact that the Internet had on society in the past 2 decades. However, many people are failing to realize one important thing; you couldn’t buy a piece of the internet - but you CAN buy a piece of the NEW INTERNET.

Winklevoss Twins Claim Wall St Still Far Behind


In a recent interview with CNN Business, the Winklevoss twins, founders of Gemini crypto exchange, claim that it is still retail investors that are benefiting from the success of crypto and that Wall St has fallen asleep behind the wheel. Furthermore, one of the twins actually states that you can buy a piece of this new internet money which is quickly starting to act as a digital store of value. 

“Unlike the internet, which you couldn’t buy a piece of, you can actually buy a piece of this new internet of money. It’s still a retail-driven market, from day one [...] and a lot of people have done really well. Wall Street has been asleep at the wheel.” 

The twins continue further to state that the risks associated with the cryptocurrency industry are extremely overhyped. They believe that fewer criminals are using Bitcoin because it is highly traceable and they prefer to use the more anonymous means of transacting via the US Dollar. Furthermore, they are also concerned about the fact that Libra is receiving such a backlash even though it hasn’t even been released at all!

Still in the early days

So a congratulation is in order! You are still one of the very early adopters of this “new internet” so you better wake up and realize the fact that you still have the opportunity to buy into this new internet - something that the actual Internet never allowed for.


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