Ep.5.1 - The link between crypto and direct democracy

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Today I was thinking a lot about communities since I had to work with this concept for a project, and I am just mesmerized by the evolutions made throughout the year and how powerful a group of people on the internet could be, especially if concentrated on a specified project. Among the first uses of the internet, there were telecommunications of course, but it took a while before a bunch of random folks could get together in a website exchanging opinion on a topic and taking the decision as a group. Nowadays, we brought this concept to crazy levels and people from different timezones can plan, coordinate and execute together actions as a group or community like never before. The crypto pumps from Telegram (coming from 4chan and not) are just an example.


Taking this concept into cryptocurrencies was obvious since the first coins creations, but the amount of power given to the community does not have so many previous cases and is going to impact a lot more than expected the whole humanity. In the product industry, we created not much time ago the word "prosumers" to indicate consumers contributing so much in the product development to be considered part of the teams, but we never gave the power to the users to contribute forever in the future of the product, it was time-defined and related to a specific moment of the product development.

So, what are doing communities in the cryptocurrencies world? 🌐
The phenomena could be considered one of the first attempt to build models for direct democracy and see how it goes, before implementing it in real context and avoid a lot of dangerous situation that could affect the lives of millions of people. More than one cryptocurrency is experimenting already with the power of community and I red bold statements about founders that want to leave all the power of decisions to the coin holders, to see how the community can react and shape the future of the coin without being always in the room. And they are not wrong, we can't expect to build a company behind each coin and have teams managing the vision every time. There will be a moment when the community will take over and the distribution of the token will make it possible to avoid scams and dangers.

If we can demonstrate to be able to manage properly the future of a single project as a community, this could be the first block toward a new way of taking decisions in the future and maybe this generation will not be there when the results will matter but has to build his contribute without any doubt. Tons of variable could affect the final result, but a single success can seriously make the difference. 


There are pro and cons of course, but this is a good move toward the future to eliminate forever a lot of dangerous aspects of the current democracy and create a better society. With the actual system, corruption is seriously hard to tackle and people can be threatened a lot, while in the future will be much harder to threaten a distributed system and also understand how to manipulate it for a personal purpose. The number of issues generated by people will be reduced and all the systems could be connected to avoid frauds, documents' manipulation and guarantee much more transparency. Was not a surprise to see candidates for the 2020 US presidential elections coming from the crypto world and willing to apply blockchain technology to the public administration.

I'll keep thinking about this and come back with new reasoning on politics and public administration, I think there is a lot more to dig into. 📚



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