I Am Back!

By Cryptolohy | cryptolohy101 | 17 Oct 2020

Wow! that was a long hiatus!, let me explain why I left my blog abandoned even though I have never left the crypto space as a user. 

Due to coronavirus I got hit economically by this crisis just like almost everyone, in the meantime I focused more on produce more streams of income and faster (some of those times with crypto) but overall my mind was not up to task of continue with this blog.

I am still a user of crypto, and some of my bussines projects are rooted in crypto platforms, but I just could not bring attention to this blog as it deserves.

The good thing about that is that it allowed me to think deeply about what type of crypto blog I want to do, and now I know. I want to do primarily evergreen content, mainly tutorials and crypto essays. I hope I can churn out content constantly and be of use to you in this vibrant community.

Soon we would dig into DEFI, and other interesting projects. Stay tuned!


LBRY (My favorite, I can upload PDF's, audio and video, and is decentralized, follow me there)


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