The Mobile Mine-Able Cryptocurrency - CPUChain. Does It Have Potential!

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Today Let's Talk About A Cryptocurrency That No One is Talking About! 

Disclaimer : This is Not An Investment Advice, I Recommend All Reader To Do Their Own Research!


CPUChain (Ticker : CPU)

CPUChain is A Cryptocurrency That is Mine-able Effective and Efficiently only Through the Use of CPUs.

CPUChain is GPU Inefficient and ASIC and FPGA Resistant.



Why Am I Talking About This Coin and Why I Think That This Coin Has Potential?


1. This Coin Has A Fixed Max Supply of 105 Million Coins That's 105,000,000 Coins.


2. The Coin as of Today is Still in The First Phase of Mining, It has A Block Reward of 50 Coins and A Block Time of 1 Minute.


3. There was No Premine, No ICO, No Developer Fee, The Coin was Available for Mining By The Public Right From Day 1 of Its Genesis.


4. It Had Its Genesis Block on 7 July 2019.


5. The Block Reward is Halved Every 2 Years. Next Halving is Due in 2021. That is The Block Reward Will Be Reduced to 25 Coins Making Them Even More Rare.


6. The Coin Can Be Mined By Any CPU including Your Mobile Phones, More Information on This Can Be Found on The Official Website of CPUChain.


7. The Coin Cannot Be Mined Efficiently By GPUs and are Resistant Towards ASICs and FPGAs giving an Opportunity To The General Mass Public To Mine it.


8. As of Today The Circulating Supply of CPUChain is 28.8 Million Coins, That's 27.428 % of Max Supply Already Mined. So There is a 72.572 % As Yet To Be Mined.


9. This Coin is Extremely Undervalued. And Has Enormous Potential.


10. The Coin is Traded At CREX24 and At Other ALTCOIN Exchanges.


11. CPUChain Plans To Have A New Exchange Established Especially for Trading CPUChain.


12. Not Much People As Yet See The Potential In CPUChain. The Same Case Was For Bitcoin.


My Thoughts on CPUChain:


I See Potential in This Coin and Can Be Used as A Medium For Exchange of Goods and Services. People Can Easily Mine These Coins on Any of Their Computers or Mobile Devices/Tablets To Earn CPUChain. The Rate At Which CPUChain is Getting Rare is Faster Than The Rate Bitcoin is Getting Rare as Bitcoin Has A Halving of Block Reward Every 4 Years and CPUChain Has A Block Reward Halving Every 2 Years. The Part Which is Exciting is That We are still in The Year 2020. And The Block Reward is 50 Coins as Yet. Later on It Will Be Halved By 2021 To 25 Coins.


No Currency Starts With Universal Adoption, It Takes Time For Places/People To Make it An Option.


Cryptocurrencies Such as ZCash, Monero, Bitcoin, Dash, Tron, Ethereum, Are Much Widely Accepted as A Means of Payment Than Compared To The Last 9 Years.


I Read The White Paper of CPUChain and I Would Recommend People Into Cryptocurrencies to Read Through it Too.


For Those Who Missed The Chance To Mine Bitcoin on Their Computers, It's Not To Late To Start Mining CPUChain.



Click Here To Visit The CPUChain Website

Click Here To Read The CPUChain White Paper (I Strongly Recommend To Read And Decide Your Opinion About CPUChain)


CPUChain Current Price :





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Cryptological Development

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