Gotem - Revolutionizing The Way You Gather Facts

By CryptoGeeks | Cryptoloca | 26 Sep 2020


The main objective of this publication is to present the Gotem solution and the related Gotem project. Under no circumstance, it should be considered as an investment advice.

If you have any question regarding the regulations impact on the Gotem project, feel free to contact Gotem at

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We live in an age where information can be easily searched and obtained. There are many media that can be used to get various information, whether it's from media platforms, social media, email, etc.

Information that spreads in the community can be true or false because it has been previously manipulated by irresponsible parties. This of course can lead to various kinds of crimes, terrorism, or revolution in a country.

Society and government can work together in building a platform where transparency and justice can be realized to direct the course of society through emerging new markets. Or we can call it "The Social Trust Network."

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Revolutionizing The Way You Gather Facts

The Gotem platform is a platform that allows users to get information in a new and most efficient way. The platform is built based on blockchain and a smart-contract system, making it a modern, secure, and reliable platform.

The Gotem network allows people to do global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for large-scale investigations regarding Corruption, Abuse of Authority, Human Rights Violations, Missing Persons, or other cases.

This is a decentralized platform for crowdsource investigations, where people can contribute to accessing and gathering information that is useful for a case or community life. The platform is decentralized meaning that no single entity will control the platform or the information on it. This is the solution that the public wants because it is well known that currently, the community does not have a platform to disseminate information or initiate a case or investigation. Moreover, the information shared by the media is prone to be manipulated, and Gotem is the solution for this.

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Platform Features

After knowing what Gotem is, now we will discuss what features are provided by the Gotem platform:

- Decentralized: Participate and operate relay nodes by holding original Gotem tokens.

- Crowdfunding: Take advantage of the "power of the masses" and start crowdfunding your mission with crypto.

- Crowdsourcing: Seek help from all parts of the world to participate in missions.

- Smart Contracts: Every agreement and escrow will be processed with the Ethereum Blockchain network.

In Conclusion

Gotem, a platform that allows users to feel the "power of the masses" in their mission or in sharing information. For example for cases of corruption, missing persons, or others. Users can do Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing for their missions. Everything will be processed securely without any third parties and smart contract systems that are already used by many platforms. This is the time for transparency, equality, and justice, say goodbye to manipulated information!

Token Sale

If you are an investor or crypto enthusiast who is interested and wants to participate in the Gotem platform, you can buy gotEM tokens with the following details;

Token Name: gotEM

Symbol: GTX

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Click the following link to start buying gotEM tokens For further questions, please contact







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