Ampleforth's 4 Geysers are Now LIVE - 3 Things to Know

Ampleforth's 4 Geysers are Now LIVE - 3 Things to Know

By Brawnd0 | CryptoLetter | 24 Feb 2021

On February 16, 2021, Ampleforth announced the introduction of an all-new Geyser on Balancer and a continuation of the three existing Geysers. This next round of Geysers just went live on Monday, February 22, with approximately 6.4 million $AMPLs allocated.

What are Ampleforth “Geysers”?

Ampleforth Geysers are smart faucets that incentivize on-chain liquidity. Users receive $AMPL for providing liquidity on automated market-making platforms (AMMs) like Uniswap. The more liquidity you provide, and for longer, the greater share of the AMPL pool you receive.” 

See the details of each Ampleforth Geyser below:

Trinity V1 (NEW)

Balancer: BTC-ETH-AMPL
Duration: 90 Days
APY: 376.13%
Total Rewards: 1,587,420.77 AMPL

The Trinity geyser is an AMPL/BTC/ETH Pool on Balancer, making it Ampleforth’s first multi-asset geyser. Also, unlike Ampl’s Uniswap geyser, it distributes dual rewards in both $AMPL and $BAL.

Beehive V3 (Topped Up)

Uniswap: ETH-AMPL
Duration: 90 Days
APY: 8.33%
Total Rewards: 6,344,579.48 AMPL

The Beehive geyser is an ETH/AMPL Pool on Uniswap that distributes $AMPL rewards for providing the pool with liquidity. This is the only geyser with single token rewards. 

Old Faithful V1 (Topped Up)

Balancer: AMPL-USDC
Duration: 90 Days
APY: 31.4%
Total Rewards: 3,609,091.28 AMPL

The Old Faithful geyser is an AMPL/USDC pool on Balancer which differs from the other geysers in that it’s a “Balancer Smart Pool” that removes most impermanent loss normally incurred by liquidity providers on other AMMs like Uniswap. Also, like the Trinity geyser, this one distributes dual rewards in both $AMPL and $BAL.

Pescadero V1 (Topped Up)

Sushiswap: ETH-AMPL
Duration: 90 Days
APY: 112.17%
Total Rewards: 1,997,013.24 AMPL

The Pescadero geyser is an ETH/AMPL Pool on SushiSwap that distributes dual rewards in both $AMPL and $SUSHI.

3 Things to Know:

1. Total Fund Allocation = 6.4 million $AMPLs

A total of 6.4M $AMPLs will be distributed to liquidity providers across all 4 geyser pools. The allotted $AMPL to be distributed in each pool is 1,587,420.77 $AMPL and the pools with the highest APY % will distribute a greater number of $AMPL tokens to individual liquidity providers (LPs). 

The pool with the highest APY % is the all-new Trinity V1 geyser with an APY of 293.2% as of Feb 23, 2021. As the Trinity V1 geyser grows in liquidity, the APY % will decrease. Therefore, it pays to be an early LP in the Trinity V1 geyser. 

2. Balancer Geyser’s Reward both $BAL and $AMPL

Both the all-new Trinity V1 and Oldfaithful V1 Balancer geysers distribute dual rewards in both $AMPL and $BAL. Additionally, the Pescadero V1 SushiSwap geyser distributes dual rewards in both $AMPL and $SUSHI. The only geyser with single token rewards is the Beehive V3 Uniswap geyser distributing rewards in $AMPL.

3. LPs Already Staking in the Existing Geysers will Continue as They Were

For current Geyser participants in each of the existing pools, if you wish to continue to participate you do not need to do anything, just remain staked in the Geyser, and the topped up rewards will accrue. 

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