The 2 best platforms to track CryptoGaming projects

Hello HODLers,

As the Crypto DeFiGaming craze is still there, I wanted to share with you 2 websites with a lot of information so you stay ahead of new game releases or event ot pick which games have a good momentum.

Enjoy !

PlayToEarn Website


Nice website with almost every Blockchain Game out there !

Very easy to have a clear view of the space and to try out new games or see their current momentum

They grade each game using 4 metrics:

  • P2E
  • F2P
  • P2W

The only weird thing is that @splinterlands is ranked #61 or should I say it is not ranked as it has no score. I think this should be corrected before I call this platform great !

Their website:



Been there since almost day 1 of Dapps.

Very good website to track what's hot and what is not !
It helped me to make ncie trades and spot future blockchain hits before they were too mainstream.

You can browse the games by blockchain if you have already your favorite infrastructure and do not wish to create a new wallet, etc...

You can also look into other themes such as DeFi, Exchanges, Gambling...



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