Insitutional investment flows from Ethereum to competing Layers 1!

Hi HODLers,

Today I came across an interesting article talking about institultionals inflows from Ethereum to Layer 1 competing blockchains!


Honestly, as I kept reading about the merge and seeing L1 tokens being hammered by the market (especially my beloved Fantom); I would not think so!

Nevertheless, capital inflows for altcoin investment products increased last week while Ether (ETH) products posted outflows for the third week in a row.

In the table below we are missing datas from important Layer1 such as Binance or even Litecoin to have a clear picture.


As reported by Cointelegraph:

It marks the third straight week that Ethereum products have seen outflows, bringing the total over that time to $59.3 million, equal to around 35% of the year-to-date outflows of $169 million from the second-largest blockchain.

Outflows seem to stabilize

Total outflows over the past three weeks have seen $219 million leave the market.

That number kept getting lower and last week it winded down to just 7.2 million, a big contrast to the $134 million which left the market in the first week of April.

So it is still in the negative territory but getting closer to neutrality. Will inflows come back in May? I do not know but that would be great!

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Analysis by Cryptolemon

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