Wasabi wallet and Tor attack

By D3v3l | CryptoLearning | 29 Oct 2022

According to a press statement issued to Bitcoin Magazine, Wasabi Wallet has developed a solution for its users to address the ongoing distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on Tor, a privacy network protocol used for anonymity services.

To give their clients anonymity, a number of projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem employ Tor as part of their infrastructure. As a result, many of these projects have had difficulty using the platform effectively. Wasabi is one such project that has had difficulty delivering its products consistently.

Wasabi has previously established a connection with Tor's onion server. However, Wasabi currently employs exit nodes, particular devices that reroute traffic, to send traffic to the coinjoin coordinator's cleannet domain.

In doing so, all traffic is nonetheless anonymised, safeguarding the IP addresses of service users. During testing, it was discovered that the new procedure boosted the reliability and frequency of coinjoin rounds while also prevented inputs from being blocked by the coordinator, which occurs when signatures for inputs fail.

This technique merely offers a necessary temporary workaround for the problem; it does not, however, address the attack problem facing Tor. Wasabi is therefore also soliciting money to help the Tor network.

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