Tech events in Tokyo December

Tech events in Tokyo December

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 27 Oct 2020

Tokyo - bitcoin, blockchain, fintech and DeFi events, in Japanese and English.

Here's a selection, all events evenings unless indicated, some physical, some online, some both!

Stay safe!

Weds Dec 16th

Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Weekly Meetup

Physical event at Bashi in Ebisu

How to Get into Code Chrysalis - All About Our Immersive Bootcamp Admissions (online 8pm JST)

Thurs Dec 17th

[ONLINE] Demo Day: Immersive Coding Bootcamp Graduation - Code Chrysalis C15

Fri Dec 18th

API Night with Stripe -- See our Immersive Bootcamp Students in Action! (online 7:30pm JST)

Sat Dec 19th

8th Tokyo Bitcoin Hackers 2020 忘年会 Meetup @ Two Dogs Taproom トゥー·ドッグス·タップルーム

This is a physical event for those interested in the original bitcoin rather than the contentious fork!

Newcomers welcome and encouraged!

Fri Dec 23rd

Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Weekly Meetup

Fri Dec 30th

Tokyo Bitcoin Cash Weekly Meetup


Thumbnail photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

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