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By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 15 Jun 2019

Six crypto newsletters that are actually worth reading!

If you are like me, you can't resist the temptation to input your email address and subscribe to that newsletter.

But then despite best intentions, unopened newsletters mount up in your inbox because, well, they are just "meh".

These ones however are well worth reading and I will explain why!

Never Edit

Pete McCormack's new venture - macro, tech and bitcoin.

Proof of Work

I like the honest, bullish, developer focus with various projects reporting news that you might not see elsewhere.

Token Daily

Soona writes some neat headlines - I liked "Stable Con" from a while back!

Interestingly they are launching a fund soon.

Outlier Ventures

Newsletter from investors over 5 years of experience in anticipation of the convergence of blockchains with IoT, AI and robotics.

Token Economy

Focused on exciting new projects.

Nik Altcoin Trader

Whether you think of them as altcoins or shitcoins, there is still trading potential in these, as well as say Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Nik Patel is a successful UK trader.

The Pomp Letter

Pomp writes a daily letter to over 45,000 investors about business, technology, finance, and Bitcoin - there's a paid version with frequent deals and a free one!

And finally from Japan

Week in Japan Crypto [Discontinued, but interesting as there is little news in English on the Japanese scene]

News in English curated by Oby (Japan key crypto player/influencer) that you simply won't find elsewhere! May be on hiatus right now.

Check them out, they're all free, and after all, the unsubscribe button is just a click away!





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