Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts - updated for 🐂 run

By tokyobitcoiner | Cryptokyo | 15 Jun 2019

Four awesome bitcoin & crypto podcasts to listen and learn from

What Bitcoin Did

Still going strong - the Willy Woo episodes always great insights for example!!


Host Peter McCormack has had an interesting journey “down the crypto rabbit hole”, from early success with Bitcoin, 
altcoins (he’d say “shitcoins” now), mining, and now Bitcoin maximalism, podcasting and moderating at events.

In the early days the podcasts, were widely focused on crypto but he recently announced a Bitcoin only focus.

Some of the standouts for me are:
the Mt Gox series, Jamie from Outlier Ventures on crytpo asset valuations,
Tuur Demester on Heavy Bitcoin Accumulation, the highly informative Travis Kling,
with Pomp on podcasting and social media, Richard Burton on being a CEO,
Jesse Powell on building Kraken's culture

Originally Off the Chain - rebranded I guess to the Pomp Podcast
Anthony Pompliano (formerly of Morgan Creek Digital) - now decamped to Pomp Investments - is really well connected and issues podcasts really often.


Unchained (still going strong!) and Unconfirmed (now grandfathered!)


Two podcasts for the price of one from Laura Shin (but they are free!) high level guests and a true journalistic background, I like Laura’s interest and focus on DeFi (decentralized finance).

Tales from the Crypt


Marty and Matt delve into Bitcoin technicalities and especially privacy, things like privacy (Samourai wallet)and nodes.

Podcast app


I am a big fan of Marco Arment's Overcast iOS podcast manager! It's free with in-app options.

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