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Survey Sites Tips and Tricks

By CryptoKat | CryptoKat | 31 Dec 2021

If you look up how to make money online (especially as a teenager) odds are you're going to find a lot of websites promoting the same thing.....survey sites (I know I did). Unfortunately the majority of these are not profitable and you'll end up wasting hours for a couple cents (been there done that). However while most of the options are a waste of time, there are a couple ways to make money (around a dime a day or so per site) by only using the site for one minute maximum. So this article will be reviewing the 3 main sites you will most likely come across, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, and Survey Junkie, and how to get the most out of each of them with the least amount of effort.


Odds are this is the first survey site that popped up, and for good reason; it's the most popular and well known. If you haven't heard of it, you can join by clicking the 'Swagbucks' above and start with 300 swagbucks (equivalent to $3 which you can cash out for a $3 Amazon gift card as soon as you make an additional 300 swagbucks - so basically doubling your money). However, in my opinion, Swagbucks is ultimately a waste of time if you're looking to make a lot of money quickly.

  1. Swag Codes - If you follow Swagbucks on Facebook once or twice a day you'll see a post pop up advertising some sort of product and a 'swag code' to go along with it, all you have to do is enter the code as soon as you see it and you'll typically earn 2-3 cents for maybe 30 seconds of effort.
  2. Collector's Bills - Just like the swag codes these bills can be found by following Swagbucks' social media (which thankfully doesn't bombard you with a thousand posts a day) except that these pay a lot more, around 10-30 cents, again simply for clicking the 'bill' and entering the code.
  3. Watch - This one is pretty straightforward, you can click on the 'watch' section and ads pop up, while some of them you have to click 'next' every 30 seconds, for the most part you can just let them auto advance on a tab while you work on another tab (as long as the ad tab is open), earning a couple cents simply for letting ads run in the background while you do something else.
  4. Coupons - Regardless if you buy anything at all, you can still take advantage of earning a couple swagbucks without actually printing anything, just clip all coupons (usually around 80) and 'print' by having it set to save to a pdf (earning you around 80 cents for maybe a minute's worth of 'work')
  5. $25 for $22 - Thanks to Swagbucks almost always running 'sales' on their giftcards (not only for Amazon but around the same discount for Visa and other sites/companies as well) you can cash out the equivalent of $22 in swagbucks for $25 worth of giftcard money for sites like Amazon, Visa, Hulu, Google Play, and American Express (discounts are usually slightly lower for places like GameStop, CVS, DoorDash, etc.)

Inbox Dollars

If you haven't heard of Inbox Dollars, the easiest way to think of it is as Swagbucks' older less popular sibling. It has the same overall features as Swagbucks with a couple features added, namely their 'scratch off meter', points for checking emails, lots of free games to play and win points; however unlike Swagbucks you need a minimum of $15 for your first cash out and $10 afterwards. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up via the link on the words "Inbox Dollars" in the subheading.

  1. Emails - For every email that you click on you can get a minimum of 1 cent with a maximum of $10 (I've personally only earned up to 5 cents with 2 cents every 3-5 emails) and with roughly 3 emails a day that don't expire after a certain time, I typically open all my emails once a month and get a little more than a dollar. My advice is to scratch off every email to get the most for your email
  2. WinIt Codes - Other than the name change and the fact that you enter the code in Inbox Dollars as opposed to Swagbucks, these are the same things as Swag Codes
  3. Coupons - Same deal as Swagbucks again, however Swagbucks and Inbox dollars use the same coupon site so for some coupons that can only be printed once, you can only print once from one site (amounts can vary from the two sites on which is more profitable so I would go with whichever site gives you the most money for your 'printing').

Survey Junkie

Unlike Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie is only for one thing, surveys. There are no codes to enter, videos to watch, coupons to print, or games to play; there are only surveys. However, Survey Junkie can be pretty profitable in this area. If you haven't head of SJ (Survey Junkie) or don't have an account you can sign up by clicking the words 'Survey Junkie' in the subheading.

  1. Guaranteed Surveys - Every day SJ will send an email to your inbox with guaranteed survey, which means that you do qualify and will earn the 10 cents associated with the survey for simply clicking around three easy opinion based questions in the survey. It takes no more than a minute and is a guaranteed dime. To be honest, this is the only thing I use SJ for as the other surveys will most likely be a waste of time that you won't even end up qualifying for. One thing to note about the emailed surveys though, after about a week of sitting in your inbox they 'expire' and can't be used, so make sure to earn your 10 cents within a week of the email being sent.

Survey sites just not working for you even with these tips? Don't worry, there are still ways to earn money (specifically crypto) online as a teenager - posts about this coming soon!

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