#SHIBCommader Invites You To Join #SMARTIntellects - Get $SMART

By CryptoKanda | CryptoKanda | 11 Nov 2021

There are many times, many instances where we said to ourselves "I should have bought Bitcoin when it was... or back in..." or any top 20 crypto coins and tokens.

  • 2012 You missed BTC
  • 2013 You missed DOGE
  • 2014 You missed XRP
  • 2015 You missed ETH
  • 2016 You missed ADA
  • 2017 You missed BNB
  • 2018 You missed SOL
  • 2019 You missed DOT
  • 2020 You missed SHIB
  • 2021 Get $SMART

If you've missed out on all those coins or tokens and especially on the recent $SHIB, this is the #opportunity for you to get $SMART.

Just like $SHIB, $SMART has its own decentralized exchange called SmartSwapDex and there is no fees except for the standard BSC fee.

Below is the details of $SMART where you have to insert manually to your Trust Wallet:

Symbol: SMART
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract Address: 0x2bcd0d175752b3354b75486c14195d581da26bc2
Decimals: 9

The current price is approximately at $0.000000000043807453 or basically for $1, you'll get approximately 23.76 Billion $SMART.

Yes, there are 10 zeros to kill. Currently, $SHIB ($0.00005) left with 4 zeros to kill and soon by end of November it might just left with 3 zeros to kill.

When you heard about those who got in early and now have millions and billions in their accounts, don't you wish you were one of those early birds?

I sure do and that is why I am all in getting $SMART.

After learning the hard and expensive ways of falling victims to rugpulled projects and those projects which died of natural death after the hypes disappeared, I am very impressed with how $SMART has remained to be in the BSC platform and progressing organically.

Here is another great news! $SMART will be having a new platform coming soon and this will be beneficial to all $SMART holders and #HODLers especially. 

✅ Smart Token holders will have access to premium features.
✅ Banner ads for other tokens which will generate income for marketing on a regular basis.
✅ Investors will be able to swap any BSC or ETH tokens on our platform.
✅ Token contract checker, Dev wallet checker, LP lock checker.
✅ Trending and Hot tokens list.
✅ Detailed beautiful looking charts to watch $SMART and all your favorite tokens.

I invested in $SHIB when it first listed on #Binance and I have been Dollar-Cost Averaging #DCA until now. In fact, I just loaded up a bit more yesterday.

How much I love $SHIB... I also love $SMART and I see it as the smartest decision I had made with regards to finding the #BSCGem.

I am a #SHIB Commander of the #SHIBARMY and I hope you join me as one of the #SMARTIntellects too.

See you on the other side.


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