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Invest Intelligently, Buy $SMART and be #SmartIntellects

By CryptoKanda | CryptoKanda | 6 Nov 2021

This morning, one Twitter user asked:

“Someone sent you 1 Trillion $SHIB by accident, what would you do?”

My answer was:

Give it back. (It is as simple as that!)

I’ve been scammed before.. I’ve been rugpulled before.. I know how it feels to lose your hardp-earned money.
You can have all the money in the world.. but you need to have a good night sleep knowing that you had done good.

Should I want to make it (financially), I want it to be purely, entirely from my efforts through investing using my hard-earned money (or from winning the many giveaway contests via Twitter) and do it intelligently.

As they say:

Do Your Own Research #DYOR

There are other new tokens which I could have bought and did a pump and dump.. but I believe I’m $SMART-er than that.. I believe in the organic growth of projects which have survived the “pump-and-dump” activities of those “investors” who were in just to make quick bucks and have total disregard for the changes and disruptions which these projects want to make in the crypto space.

There are quite a few projects in the Binance Smart Chain platform that have great potential from being a mere Meme-token to one which would help change the way we live. One of the projects which its organic growth has won my admiration is called Smart Shib ($SMART).

I am a #SHIB Commander for #HODLing over 250M of $SHIB.

With all the hype and attention that my beloved Shiba Inu token is receiving right now as it catapulted to its All Time High (#ATH) price of $0.00008854, I did not buy more. I am contented with what I have and happy to lock them in #Staking with Binance while waiting for it to reach the price of $0.01.

Instead, I put my money, my $BNB into a project which currently in the midst of rebranding as it strives to offer great products to the holders and the crypto community. Yes, you guess it right. I swapped my 0.2389 $BNB (equivalent to $116.88 at time of purchase) for 3.193 Trillion $SMART. Making my current stake of this thriving project to 9.407 Trillion $SMART.

So, this is my way to show my support to the project.. by adding more $SMART to my bag. Basically, buy the dip and doing Dollar-Cost-Averaging (#DCA) for $SMART-er investing approach.

To all my #SHIBARMY #KISHUARMY #DOGEARMY #PANDAGANG and all other crypto communities, I am inviting you to join me in having a stake in what would be the next #SHIB.

If you’ve missed out on buying $SHIB when it was dirt cheap, try putting $10 on @SMART_SHIB project now.


Good to have $SHIB
Great to own $SMART

$SMART will have new platform coming soon!!!
The improvements will definitely make $SMART an excellent long term investment where the end goal is to achieve that financial freedom so that we could offer more of ourselves to the betterment of life in this world and communities.. or simply retire early.

✅ Smart Token holders will have access to premium features. 
✅ Banner ads for other tokens which will generate income for marketing on a regular basis.
✅ Investors will be able to swap any BSC or ETH tokens on our platform. 
✅ Token contract checker, Dev wallet checker, LP lock checker.
✅ Trending and Hot tokens list.
✅ Detailed beautiful looking charts to watch $SMART and all your favorite tokens.

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract Address: 0x2bcd0d175752b3354b75486c14195d581da26bc2

#Invest Intelligently, Buy $SMART and be #SmartShibIntellects
Oh by the way.. soon it might just be #SmartIntellects (due to the rebranding)

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