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By CryptoKanda | CryptoKanda | 1 Dec 2021

I was about to use my old 2018 (paper) organizer (or diary) to calculate (and scribble) my Binance Liquid Swap amount for $SHIB/$USDT when I saw a yellow post-it (sticky) pad which I had pasted on 8 July 2018 page.


Below was what I wrote and I hope this 5 points would help you when crypto investing:

1. Data is the new oil - that's what Blockchain does. 

2. One belt, one road initiative.

3. The best day to invest in crypto is directly after the worst day in crypto.

4. Control emotion.

5. Do not time the market.


Whenever you are about to look at the (trading) chart and ready to invest, I hope you would look at one of your hand (doesn't matter whether you a right-handed or left-handed) and let the five fingers remind you of the five points.


Out of the five points, the last three points need some discipline and preparation:

3. It would be good if you could have some ready fund in USDT or any other stablecoins so that whenever there's a dip, you can initiate a buy order.

4. It is understandable to have your emotion all riled up when you see the chart all green and not stopping any time soon. You will then have this fear of missing out (#FOMO) on buying that particular coin or token. Sometimes or most of the time, right after your buying order was executed, the red candles started to appear and growing longer and longer, heading south. This is why how tempting it is to jump on the bandwagon, you need to hold back (your feelings) and wait the dust to settle (basically, let the hype settle down) before deciding to click or tap on that buy button/tab.

5. How much you think you know (because you got this gut feelings of yours or you had drawn a few lines on the chart) that the price is heading towards your targeted price of yours, sometimes it didn't arrive. So, it would be really good to do a Dollar-Cost Averaging (#DCA) when your intention is to hold (#HODL) the token or coin for the longest time possible.


So, that's it. This article took me away from doing what I was supposed to do but I feel it is all worth it because I get to share with you this simple rules yet very important and effective rules in crypto investing.


Should you hope to get some tips on which coins or tokens that you could take the opportunity to buy while it dips (#buythedip), other than the obvious like $SHIB (Shiba Inu token) and $XEC (eCash formerly known as Bitcoin Cash ABC), you might want to take a look at $SMART on Binance Smart Chain.

Name: Smart Shib ($SMART)

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Contract Address: 0x2bcd0d175752b3354b75486c14195d581da26bc2

Decimals: 9


Smart Shib project has its own Decentralized Exchange (DEX) called where you can buy $SMART and any other coins and tokens.

Smart Shib project wants to educate the masses on cryptocurrency and make it accessible for them to learn and get information on coins and tokens (projects) which they are interested to buy (and support). Hence, a new crypto trading chart website called will soon go live!


If $SHIB holders are called #SHIBARMY and $XEC holders are called #XECutives, $SMART holders are called #SmartIntellects.

Maybe you would like to be a #SmartIntellect. You could learn more by visiting their website and follow them on Twitter and Telegram. #DYOR #NFA






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I go by the name CryptoKanda and I feel in love with crypto since 2016 and only started investing in Q3 2017.

Twitter: CryptoKanda



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