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Upland will it be successful? And game recession #UplandPublish0x

By KarolCrypto | CryptoK | 24 Feb 2021

At the beginning, I would like to thank PublisOx and Upland for another very nice competition!


Will Upland be successful! my private opinion!

I don't know, the project has great project

ential and is developing quickly, but this trend must be maintained.

It's much harder to stay on top than to get there and the Upland isn't even top 5 yet, but it's going up fast.

The idea with Upland is that the players are to be able to sell their in-game assets for real-world fiat currency.

But until every property on the planet is added to the game, nothing guarantees that the idea will be fulfilled. Creators can always create new cities, but will there be buyers?


Upland team



CEO and Co-Founder of GameDuell


Founder of Play Labs


CEO and Founder of Transform Group



What is the sale of the last areas?

In my opinion it looks good because the areas sell out in a few days is a good result.

If the developers create better and better cities and do it on time, the game can go really far.


Will developers buy in Upland instead of buying apartments?

For this to happen, several conditions must be met:

1.The project must be extremely successful to show its value

2.Investors have to convince themselves of something else that can be very difficult

3.Projects such as Upland or Sandbox must have a huge number of players to convince investors that someone will buy their land

4.Hard work of the management and owner as well as continuous development


If you don't know what Sandbox is, see my post about Sandbox

What blockchain is Upland based on?

On Blockchain EOS developed by Block.One. Is a good and developmental blockchain



Now it's time for a guide for new players

 Short introduction

Upland is a blockchain game in which we earn real money. We can buy real estate there, we can improve it, set up our own businesses and many more

What is the in-game currency?

The game uses UPX, which is the in-game currency, and can be used to trade or develop plots.

You can always buy UPX coins with real money in the game.

the game provides the new user with 3000 UPX coins to start with it's not a lot but it's always worth picking up.

What is Visa?

Is a system in which a user who has assets below 10,000 UPX and must be extended


If you have assets over 10,000 UPX, you become a citizen and no longer need to extend your visa


How to register?

Registration is very simple, all you need is a nickname, email and password



How to buy a plot?

1.You must click on the uncovered property.

2.The information menu will open

3.If you need more information, you can click the info button.

3B.To find out about monthly earnings, a player just needs to click on the more option.

4.Finally, if all the details sound satisfying to the player, he can click the buy button to buy the property on Upland.


Treasure hunt

It is a free cash. There are three main levels of treasure hunt in the Highlands. They are standard, limited and exclusive.

In the standard version, the user can participate in the hunt only once within 24 hours.

Well, the purpose of such hunts is to discover invisible treasures that can be found by clicking on minted properties in the area.



Roadmap 2021 includes plans to add an NFT gateway that will allow players to import NFT from other blockchains and open up new cities around the world.

Upland is planning many new features such as user rewards and real buildings and much more.


At the end

Upland has great potential, but they have to use it, and if they do it, everyone will be happy, because a great platform will be created.

I strongly believe in this project, I believe you too!









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