Studyum – Artificial Intelligence In Education

Studyum – Artificial Intelligence In Education

By Okane Satoshi | CryptoJournal | 9 Sep 2019

Studyum is the most friendly & effective learning platform of the future today – powered by AI on a blockchain:

We improve learning in students by recognizing that there are many different ways that people learn and think. In our system, AI and machine learning adapt the learning experience based upon the way the student engages with the content. This creates a tailored learning experience for each individual student while they earn from our on-chain cryptocurrency.

The global E-learning market alone is worth around $200 billion, only 10% of the higher education market, valued at $2 Trillion. Studyum aims to not only capture a substantial portion of the E-learning market but to provide a platform for higher education learning as well.

The Studyum Pre-Private sale of the STUD token has commenced.

For a short period of time, the STUD token is available at a lower price of $0.025US Dollars, for early investors. This offer is available ahead of the official private sale that begins on October 2019. You can invest in STUD tokens using your Ethereum Wallet.

STUD token Pre-Private sale – Exclusive rate

Sale dates/price per token:

September – Pre-Private – $0.025
October – Private Stage 1 – $0.028
November – Private Stage 2 – $0.03
December – Pre-IEO Stage 1 – $0.05
January – Pre-IEO Stage 2 – $0.07
February 8th, 2020 – IEO – $0.10

Studyum Mission Statement and the State of Education Today:

The educational industry has failed because it sees millions of students as one entity and not as unique human beings that think and learn in different ways. The best anyone can achieve under this system is mediocracy.

“It is time to tear this up and invest in a new methodology.” – Igor Dyachenko

Studyum is unique in that it lets you learn in the way you were made to learn. With AI-personalization and blockchain technologies, we tear up the rules. It is time for you to play a part in a revolution that lets everyone learn, their way, and reach their full potential.


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