Polylauncher: Angel Investing on Polygon for Everyone

By JohnnyCode | CryptoJohnny | 17 Aug 2021

Amidst the bull run of cryptocurrency currently happening, you may be looking for new projects to invest your newly acquired profits or ways to expand your portfolio in general. If you know about angel investing, it’s not something that most of the population ever gets to experience due to the sheer amount of liquid capital needed upfront. This is where Polylauncher comes in. As a first for the Polygon network, Polylauncher is taking angel investing and making it accessible to everyone. Now you don’t have to be a part of the 1% in order to invest like one. Not only can you become an investor for your peers, but you can pitch your Polygon project ideas and gain investments from fellow investors on Polylauncher as well.


After successfully raising over $1.25MM for their Q2 2021 Alpha launch Polylauncher is well on its way to releasing the new Beta website in Q3 with massive support and anticipation. They have big influencers and VCs that have been the backbone of Polylaunchers' own conception. Soon after the Beta website launches, they will open the ability to stake ANGEL and earn interest through liquidity mining. Eventually leading to NFT and multi-chain pools to provide further options to their users. These are important features of the network that will continue to strengthen it by adding additional revenue streams to those utilizing Polylauncher for their Polygon projects.


Polylauncher is opening a whole new opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and investors alike to come together and make a huge impact in the crypto space. The ability to bring ideas to fruition, without the massive hurdles that going through a traditional angel investor would bring, means that this space is becoming more accessible to a whole new group of people. I can’t wait to see what Polylauncher can do with this space.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have any experience with Angel investing on either side down in the comments, and do you think Polylauncher will be able to pull it off?

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