Pancakeswap CAKE Staking Earns Over 5.5% A Month

By JohnnyCode | CryptoJohnny | 15 Aug 2021

Utilizing your cryptocurrency to make a supplemental income is an essential part of growing your investment in the crypto market, and now is the time to take full advantage of the bull market that is in full swing. Depending on your risk tolerance there are some safer options out there that will net you a solid 5-8% APR on your Bitcoin or Ethereum and the like, on platforms such as Coinbase or Binance. Then you have your riskier platforms such as Shibance that might turn a profit faster with 400-800% APRs, but I found there is a middle ground, and Pancakeswap is at the heart of it.

Pancakeswap is the biggest decentralized exchange that is on the Binance Smart Chain and has made a strong comeback this most recent bull run along with other great cryptos. This only continues to prove that CAKE is stable, reliable and that people are still interested in using it in mass. They offer a great exchange platform that has a ton of ways to grow your crypto, but their auto staking pool just can’t be beaten.


As of writing it is at 93.69% APY which works out to be a 5.56% interest gain every month. If you were able to save up one years’ worth of income, CAKE would retire you. If you’re a long-term investor the CAKE APY jumps to a staggering 2708.92%. This is not including the price of CAKE fluctuating or the APY changing of course. These are variables that you must consider when investing in any crypto.


The way I see it is that CAKE at its current price ($20.83) has already doubled from its most recent low ($9.447) and is still more than another doubling away from hitting its all-time high ($44.278). This says a lot for its near future potential and going into next year. CAKE will be a consistent investment in my portfolio as I build up different avenues of supplemental income.

Thank you for reading and I hope this will give some boost to your portfolio as you diversify and build. Please let me know in the comments how you are growing your crypto into a retirement.

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