We are still but a launch code away from Armageddon

By Mammal | Cryptoism | 11 Apr 2022

As we speak, the Northern Hemisphere is quietly preparing for nuclear annihilation—and as recent events have demonstrated, the end of the Cold War hasn’t put paid to that.

Governments may not be bothering with public information broadcasts these days but don’t let that fool you, they are still heavily invested in nuclear weaponry—300 million dollars’ worth every single day according to ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons).

Ask yourself how much of that enormous budget is spent on defending, or at least preparing, the general public for a potential attack …

A nuclear exchange between opposing superpowers would likely involve at least several thousand nuclear strikes, each one measured not in megatons but in multiples of Hiroshimas—the macabre scale we often resort to in order to more fully absorb the magnitude of destruction.

An initial high-altitude detonation is designed to neutralise electronic components with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to a degree which if taken in isolation would likely create continental disruption and widespread misery.

As it is, any of the multiple low-level attacks would generate a flash sufficient to scorch the retina of onlookers; and the blistering tsunami to follow would be of such ferocity that every tree, home, school, office, shop, bird, animal and human being within the blast zone would be swept into oblivion.

What’s more, it is thought that anything within the wider zone of twenty miles or so surviving the initial blast would be engulfed in a hellish inferno like the firestorms of Dresden.

The silhouettes cast on what remains of a wall or concrete floor from the primary explosion would no doubt leave eerie snapshots of humanity’s failure ...

But who will be left to ponder them? Both Western and Eastern scientists agree that there won’t be many after taking into account the pandemic levels of radiation sickness and the freezing aftermath caused by the dirty, ashen smog blotting out the sun.



Supposing a massive escalation in Eastern Europe forced our leaders to suspend their normal schedules to frantically engage in eleventh hour diplomacy but it ended in abject failure.

Would they then instinctively take to the streets to reassure citizens and stand shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm ready to face extinction together?

The hell they would.

The ‘great and the good’ will no doubt be scuttling like cockroaches into their secret bunkers (some of which would put a five-star hotel to shame).

Once the hulking blast-proof doors are sealed, so too our fate which will be discussed by men in uniforms and suits seated in subterranean war rooms and control centres; and we will no longer need any further proof that when they say we they definitely don't mean us.



The Art of War requires that we ‘know our enemy’, but first we need to correctly identify the enemy. Or better still, have them identify themselves.

So, who exactly are we at war with? The Russians, the North Koreans, the Iranians? That’s what they’d have us believe. Anyone but the politicians, the hawkish generals, the VIPs, the oligarchs and moguls of all nationalities scrambling for their bunkers.

While they are ensconced in their over-equipped shelters, whatever’s left of irradiated life topside will inexorably perish. The romantic age of warriors gathering on the battlefield to engage in life and death combat while the children and non-combatants hope for the best back home is long gone.

What’s more, the current reversal of affairs seems like the most natural thing in the world.

So how could it possibly have come to this; how did we end up on the front line and not the instigators?

How did we come to be so easily led by such people; so apathetic to the scheming of those who would rather we all die than they loosen their grip?

And what about the darker forces still, on all sides, who skulk beneath the radar plotting false flags operations and lighting fires; bribing the venal or blackmailing the flawed into doing their bidding while the media elicits our consent, makes us suspicious of the real facts and hostile to anyone who presents them?

But wouldn’t it be something if despite all their rigorous programming, the missile crews of all the nation states realised that the order to launch must surely be the signal to mutiny; to empty all the bunkers of all but the ‘commanders-in-chief’ who by rights ought to be locked down there forever.

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