Why Pancakeswap Beats BlockFi Anyday
Why Pancakeswap Beats BlockFi Anyday

Why Pancakeswap Beats BlockFi Anyday

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 6 Apr 2021

BlockFi has all the money to buy affiliates, so you hear BLOCKFI BLOCKFI BLOCKFI all the GODDAMN time. Even Lark Davis, whom I consider the non-shilliest shill out there, couldn't give up that sweet, sweet affiliate money. So all the noobs coming into crypto think that 6% on BTC is such an awesome return. Much wow. I'm here to tell you BlockFi is cheating your stupid ass.

Let's go back for a minute — to the entire purpose of cryptocurrency. Crypto was created to eliminate financial middlemen. Meddlemen, I call em. That's the whole fuckin point of crypto.

And you clowns can't WAIT to go find some fuckin middleman to put in the middle of you and your fuckin finances, and BlockFi knows that. There's actually a calculus equation about it:

My new tech + your old mindset = more profits for me and none for you ha ha

I could forgive this if it was solely an intellectual exercise. I mean, there's plenty of stuff going on wrong in the world, but there's no financial incentive to the individual to fix it. We all know they use our taxes to bomb Afghanistanis and take their heroin, but most of us still pay. Why? Because there is no financial incentive to change this narrative. And there are also disincentives — court, jail, pariah status.

With crypto, at least for now, there is a financial incentive to remove meddlemen from your life including banks and government. What's more, you are paid the appropriate amount of incentive based on the risk you take on to yourself.

The appropriate reward for this risk is not 6%.

What's more, BlockFi knows this. But they know noobs will compare 6% to the 0.01% their bank gives and think they've hit the jackpot. Look...

You can get 6% dividends investing in supersafe stocks like AT&T and IBM. And you get the same pumpability as BTC. AT&T can go up 20% in a month just like bitcoin. So why would you take on the additional risk bitcoin requires (BlockFi is not insured, and the company is only a few years old compared to the NASDAQ, which has decades on it) for the same risk?

No, if you're investing in bitcoin, you need to get 25%. 30%. 100%. 

Next point. Have you ever considered where BlockFi gets its returns to give you that stable 6%? If it gives you 6, it has to make way more than 6. Well don't go asking them directly, because they won't tell you. It's obfuscated in the paperwork. But I have an educated guess where they're making those returns.


I mean, what the fuck else? Real estate? Emerging markets? Maybe. But these are crypto guys with crypto backgrounds. What's easier — dealing with the fuck shit of real estate to make 20% per year if you're lucky or pressing a few buttons on your iMac and getting a 250% APY because you know where to get it and nobody else does? You answer that question.

If I was running BlockFi, I'd certainly give away 6% APY, because I'd be going straight to Pancakeswap and other crypto yield farms generating 100%, 200%, 500% APY. Yes, those are variable yields and there are risks involved. But I'm making a 95% APY profit with other people's money (BILLIONS) as long as I'm careful and watch the markets. I'd say that's enough incentive to watch the markets.

Another thing you guys don't know — the risks on the degen side of crypto are greatly overhyped and falling fast. You may have heard of hacks where protocols lost millions of dollars. What they don't tell you is that many of these devs came up with unique and inventive ways to repay their constituents, resulting in a net 0 loss to investors. The fucking government isn't the only entity that can regulate a market. The more you know of crypto, the more you know that people can regulate themselves when code is law.

So let's just say the BlockFi kids know all this and they've got their hands in Pancakeswap pools earning 100%, 200% APY and paying you 6%. What would your next move be?

I hope it wouldn't be jumping straight in. I hope you'd first research impermanent loss and how coin prices affect returns. I'd hope you research sites like Yieldwatch where you can monitor your portfolio easily. And how to secure a non-custodial wallet.

THEN jump in. Fuck these meddlemen.

On second thought, that's a lot of research. Take your monkey ass back to BlockFi.

But who knows if you actually do the work? Maybe you can redirect some of that BlockFi affiliate money into your own pockets and make your own stupid project and buy Youtube shills to shill THAT instead of them shilling Blockfi all the goddamn time.


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