Western Union Sucks; Crypto Doesn't
Western Union sucks.

Western Union Sucks; Crypto Doesn't

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 19 Nov 2020

I really have to thank Publish0x for creating a space to create blogs like this. Where else can you receive an audience for talking about the shortcomings of payment gateways? Western Union is a piece of shit just like every other payment gateway in the past few weeks for me, it seems. What a bunch of useless garbage companies. Little do they know they ain't stoppin' shit because of crypto!

My Personal Story With Western Union

It worked well for a while for me, and then it didn't. At random, the online gateway would just refuse to send my payment. Of course it would have a message with an error code that meant nothing to me. So I'd call in to customer service and give them the error code. They'd know what it was sometimes, and sometimes they wouldn't.

I can't say anything bad about the people at Western Union. They were very good money collectors for their slavedriver, and even good enough to be nice about it. What's bad about this company and every company like it is that they place far too much trust in the online gateway. Whatever program runs the gateway is stupid as hell. It stops my account for no reason. It makes me feel like a criminal demanding KYC over and over. It gives me random limitations with no warning that inconvenience my clients and disallow me to do efficient business. All of this based on the notion of keeping people safe. The only thing you are doing is stopping small business from doing business.

Protect Crypto at All Costs

This is why I get so mad at these stupid crypto YouTube shills driving new adoption regardless of where it goes. They justify giving business to shit companies like Paypal by saying it increases overall adoption. What they mean is that "it pumps my bags." Congratulations. Once governments and businesses like Western Union custody enough of crypto, they'll use that leverage to shut it down as you know it.

So all of that super fast quick uneducated adoption led us right back to the restrictive system we were all trying to get away from. Jackasses. Now you've got to KYC 3 times and get a signed letter from 2 police chiefs just to use all of that crypto in your pumped bags to buy a ham sandwich. Nice.

Governments and You

The news that prompted this post was Western Union getting officially banned in Cuba. All 400 stores shut down, just like that. It was a response to the United States banning Fincimex, a company that specialized in processing Cubans' payments from overseas.

What business is it of mine if the US and Cuban governments have some kind of problem with each other? I don't care. And crypto is the only way to really get around all of this nonsense and crap that has nothing to do with me. None of this BS is keeping me safe. It's just two governments having a pissing contest at the detriment of its citizens, because no one can do business now.

Screw Western Union, screw government control over finance, screw anything that limits the ability of people to make their own choices. The first day I used crypto is the last day that I'll let any third party have custody over my financial sovereignty. Even with the shills and uneducated new adopters, those of us who use crypto for the right reasons will somehow find a way.


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