The SEC vs. LBRY Case May Kill Your Portfolio
lbry vs sec won't kill crypto

The SEC vs. LBRY Case May Kill Your Portfolio

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 31 Mar 2021

Note: The message making the rounds is that if the fucking hall monitors at the SEC win their case against LBRY, it kills crypto. This is fine for ginning up support, because I am in full lockstep with the skinhead Nazi racists who use LBRY that the SEC is dead wrong for this bullshit. The lot of them should be tarred, feathered and flogged. 

The shit's hilarious, actually. One group of soyboy incels is attacking the rights of a group of Al Bundy incels. When if they'd just get together, they'd see they're all incels and go get girlfriends instead of fucking the world up.

I make the point that an SEC win won't kill crypto to make this point: All US-based devs within earshot should take advantage of the virtual nature of crypto before starting a project. An SEC win over LBRY will kill portfolios in the short term and kill crypto innovation only in the US. The crypto market in total will survive and bounce back. Russia, South Korea, Nigeria, Slovenia, and all the other hubs of innovation will eat America's lunch while the SEC snickers that it's just nationalized crypto precisely according to its eeeeeeevil plans. American speculators might get scared out of the market, but the rest of the world would continue to support crypto innovation. Eventually, although the US is the biggest consumer market out there, crypto would bounce back without the US. 

News flash, SEC faggits. If you chumps actually pull this shit off successfully, the rest of the world will finally realize how backwards the US is, and the crypto space will finally decouple itself from the US. US devs will get smart, go anon, and partner with offshore friends and business entities to remove themselves from the SEC's jurisdiction. Because let's be clear — the SEC isn't attacking LBRY, the decentralized company. It can't. It is attacking the citizenship of the oddly still-visible founder (I guess it's too late to go underground now) and trying to squeeze that association for bribes. The SEC also sees a power grab in the form of precedent if it wins over LBRY, so all the better.

Get smart, US devs. Even if LBRY wins, you shouldn't make your place of citizenship known if you're innovating in the crypto space. Crypto supercedes national identity. YOU. FUCKING. DON'T. NEED. IT. ANYMORE. Take the time to set up a financial structure outside of the US if you still need a fiat ramp. If you've made a bit of money in the crypto space, you don't have to offload it all back into the US. Shit. Negotiate a bank account in another country. Buy property overseas and get a second passport out of it. Don't put yourself in reach of the SEC if you don't have to (and you don't have to).

With that being said...

Follow this link to sign the petition detailing your support for LBRY, fat lot of good that'll do.

Buy some LBRY tokens. Don't buy them from BigONE. That's a fucking scam exchange; I hate it. 

The more prudent action may be to prepare yourself for a mid-term dip if the SEC gets any traction on this shit. Crypto has the fundies to be sure, but it's American speculation driving these prices. The market will dump if the US market gets censured in any way by the government. But that's the best time to buy non-US companies, and of course, the almighty bitcoin. But all those little shitcoins on AWS would get rekt overnight.

Kick their asses, LBRY. A few fucking shithead faggits at the SEC is literally the ONLY thing keeping many of us from millionaire status.


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