The Moon is a Piece of Shit Bybit Shill Machine
Don't trade with The Moon

The Moon is a Piece of Shit Bybit Shill Machine

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 21 Mar 2021

Youtube channel The Moon is one of the most insidious, duplicitous channels on Youtube in the crypto space. This is the kind of channel to avoid if you are a noob. (Because experienced traders already know to avoid it, lol.)

The fact that scammer channels like this have huge views actually encourages me about the crypto space. Why? It lets me know that the crypto market reflects other markets — it still takes money from stupid noobs and deposits it straight into the pockets of smart money. The stupid leveraged trading The Moon advertises is part of what causes the volatility that experienced investors can make near risk-free gains on. Like it or not, if you're making money in crypto, you're making it on the backs of idiots that follow advice from dipshit employee shills like The Moon. Crypto's done a lot. It hasn't figured out how to levitate us out of our dog-eat-dog reality.

This is an example of what he does. First, watch this video.

The damn video is called


"Short or long." Remember that. Next watch this video, produced the next day:

Starting at 1:37, this clown literally starts taking credit for folks who successfully shorted the trade. This is even though he said "short or long" in the previous day's video. He gave NO indication of what he thought the market would do or if he even did the trade himself. Chicanery at its finest.

You see, channels like The Moon don't make money trading. They make money getting YOU to trade. Whether your trades are successful or not, they get paid their referral fees from Bybit, the service he's obviously shilling. This is the new employment. Not an employee, but basically an employee. You cannot count on this guy for any sort of legitimate trading advice. His advice is always going to be simply this — TRADE. TRADE, TRADE, TRADE. Because that's what generates his profits.

In the meantime, having a low personal trading volume is how you guarantee positive results in any trading market. Most of the time, no matter the volatility, your best move is to sit on your hands. In my own trading career, I can't count how mnay times I've looked back and told myself that I really could have just turned the computer off and taken a 3 week nap. I didn't have to do shit. But I traded this and that position to end up with pretty much the same results.

My alpha has come through recognizing expansion and deflation in the market, and swinging between bitcoin and altcoin cycles. That's it. All of the elementary technical analysis The Moon does gives you no market edge.

And let me make this clear — this isn't salt. So don't come at me like, "You just lost a trade with The Moon. That's why you're mad." Nope. I couldn't trade with this guy even if I wanted to, because his "trade alerts" provide no edge. He just points out inflection points when his chosen coin is likely to make a move that's big enough to sell a leveraged trade on. You really want to risk liquidation trying to leverage a 2% position when you could get 10% in a week using a stable yield farm? Or even better, just fucking LEND your assets with no risk?

(And if you haven't done the research to actually figure out where those platforms are, then you deserve what you get if you put on 10x leverage expecting it to pay your fuckin rent!)

It's garbage. And I'm just putting out the word for noobs — any channel like The Moon is going to get you rekt. I've got plenty of articles on how you can make money in crypto without a need for all this ridiculous risk. The way I trade is especially poignant if you didn't get in the market before 2016. I can see those guys gambling a bit — they're already up 1000x on their early-stage BTC. If you don't own BTC in triple digits, then The Moon is not for you.

Of course, not financial advice. You can believe the jackasses with the gaping mouth open thumbnails if you want. Who all have the exact same pose, use the same all-caps headlines, and give the same TA because they're all so different from each other.

Fuck The Moon, that fucking Bybit employee fuck. In a digital world where crypto is opening everything up to embrace entrepreneurialism of all kinds, the most forward-thinking thing this guy can think to do is be a fake trading guru.

Go slow until you find your OWN edge. The market will catapult you from there.


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