Should I Keep My Litecoin?
Should I Keep My Litecoin?

Should I Keep My Litecoin?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 3 May 2021

Ok, dudes, legit somebody convince me to keep my Litecoin.

LTC is like the only medium bag I have that I don't really believe in. I only bought it because of its fame, honestly. Whenever it is referenced in a crypto video, it's always about the TA. Never about the project itself. 

Speaking of the TA, LTC is basically following the same pattern as ETH. And we all just saw what ETH did. By this logic, if LTC hits its all time high of around $360, there is no ceiling for it. I've heard estimates that it could go as high as 1/4 bitcoin's price. I don't believe that, because those folks are only factoring in the 4X coin supply. They're not factoring in that LTC is also 4 times less popular than BTC. 

My super bull estimate for Litecoin is $4000, which puts $1000 squarely in reach. Based off of what other than pure hype, I don't know. During the bull market, everything will pump. But will it outperform? See, that's what you should be looking at. If you can get in a legit project that is more sure to do a 4X, then you lose nothing by selling your Litecoin. Your total exposure to the market is the same, so you reap the same performance. The only reason to hold Litecoin, or any coin for that matter, is a performance that is superior to the alt projects that are legitimately pumping. LTC has to do better than UNI, LINK and DOT for me to justify holding it. Otherwise, I could just hold UNI, LINK and DOT with less risk.

The other side of this argument is that LTC is the laggard. The other big alts have already destroyed their 2017 ATHs. The only one that hasn't now is Litecoin. And that's what I'm coming to you for. Here's my question:

What the hell is going on with Litecoin that justifies keeping it over UNI, LINK or DOT? Will it outperform?

See, the narrative of silver to bitcoin's gold doesn't quite ring true for me. I mean, Venezuela is using Dash over LTC as a country. Cardano gets the nod over LTC in Africa. I don't know of any country or community that has taken LTC as its darling. It doesn't have games or defi or anything that I've been able to find. Even Tron has degen gambling. What does Litecoin have?

Sorry if you're a Litecoiner and you feel offended. These are legit questions from someone who is desperately trying to find a reason to keep his Litecoin. Any intel you have, drop a line in the comments.


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