NFTs in 2021 are like ICOs in 2017

NFT Craze = ICO Craze

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 1 Apr 2021

NFTs in 2021 are like ICOs in 2017. In case you're new, that means today's NFTs are in an investment bubble. If you're properly resourced and prepared, you can make money in the short term. But if you're just some new guy who's stumbling around trying to make a 10x because you heard someone else made a 10x, you're going to lose.


Markets like this rely on the majority of participants losing in order to function. There is too much volatility and too little true volume to sustain price levels as they are. There will be a huge correction at some point, and most people will become bagholders. If those last few sentences sounded like Greek to you, then you have no business getting into NFTs.

Take this from someone with a bit of experience in crypto investing. I've made some really good investments, and I have more knowledge about this space than the average. The only NFT play that has been successful for me, Doki Doki Finance, I was holding waaaaaaaay before this current craze started. If you bought the same allocation of Doki today as I did months ago, you might lose money where I've made quite a bit.

But I didn't come here to give a warning without an alternative. There is a much safer option for making money until bitcoin or ether decides to take off. That alternative you should consider — autocompound yield farms.

If you know what yield farms are, then just add automatic compounding to that idea. If you don't know what yield farms are, look it up.

While we don't have enough data to know which NFT platforms will stick around in a bear market, we do have that data on autocompound yield farms. The idea, which may have seemed too good to be true a few months ago, has been proven viable. And since the farms are based on real protocols with real intellectual capital behind them, you don't have to deal with those straight ponzi platforms that are just really games of chicken. (If you like that shit, though, King of Fomo and Stunna Breezy are two Youtube channels to watch. I watch them both to keep up with things, but I don't invest in that stuff.)

Here are a few of the best autocompound yield farms I know of. High yield, but high reward. And if you're playing around in the NFT space losing your shirt, I'm assuming your risk tolerance is aggressive. We're at the beginning of alt season right off the back of an alt correction, which means shitcoins are a good investment.


I found this one on my journey to optimize my Swirl.Cash investment, which has turned out to be an amazing one so far. Eleven not only saves me the trouble of compounding my Swirl, but it also gives me ELE as a buffer against impermanent loss and shitcoin devaluation. When compared to the Swirl farms, Eleven is objectively better even though they are dealing with the same base protocol.


There are some great farms here, many of them based on Pancakeswap. Again, you get a native sidecoin to protect you against the movement of the farm itself.


A mainstay of BSC, Pancakebunny has upgraded itself a few times since I started using it. And the Bunny token is breaking ground just like Cake in the overall token rankings. It's currently in price discovery after breaking all time highs.


I hated this fucking farm while it was on the Ethereum Network. But now that it's on BSC, the fees that destroyed my profits (after months of waiting for them) are gone. Most importantly, this is an established brand name that we know won't rug. That's 99% of the battle right there. If you know a protocol will stick around, impermanent loss and shitcoin devaluation become much less of an issue. A non-issue, really. 

ValueDefi (BSC)

The VBSwap native shitcoin for these farms took an atomic dump a few weeks back, but the Value Defi name is legit in these streets. That means it's a decent bet to get in on the highest yield, highest risk farms on the platform that include VBSwap. (Change the name, though, team. That's a horrible coin name.) Since the protocol itself is trusted, the native shitcoin will eventually have a bounce back. And since it's the shitcoin, it will rise the most in a bullish altseason.

Any other farms? List below or share them in the Telegram group! Life's better when all your friends are rich, too.


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