Kevin O'Leary Virtue Signals to Elites on Bitcoin

Kevin O'Leary Virtue Signals to Elites on Bitcoin

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 4 May 2021

Kevin O'Leary is the epitome of thinking you're a genius because you got lucky once. How can this idiot have any opinion at all on crypto? Yahoo Finance has taken to having this guy as their resident investor of late, and he's there because he fuckin upholds the status quo. This fucking idiot is really using sustainability to try to differentiate between bitcoin. Really? 

These morons are really trying to bring -isms into the crypto space by discriminating against bitcoin mined by Chinese. Wow. He even went so far as to say that bitcoin mined in China might eventually be worth less than bitcoin mined in the US. This is laughable if it wasn't so ridiculously dangerous.

The new set of people coming into crypto may actually take to this garbage. This may also be the excuse for American regulators to dip their hand in the crypto pot and muddy the waters. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't truly understand the borderless properties of bitcoin and sees it as "property" or an "investment asset" or an "inflation hedge." O'Leary is trying to fool you into thinking that bitcoin is Tesla or Microsoft or a 3B/2B residence in Des Moines. He's doing this because his bosses have obviously tapped him on the shoulder to bring dissent into the industry that will depower the crypto community.

The arguments he makes don't even need to be refuted. There is no reason to waste bandwidth on the bullshit he spews. They just need to be ignored. As long as the crypto community uses crypto as it was intended, as a borderless, trustless exchange mechanism, all of the garbage idiots like O'Leary spew will come to no real head.

I would recommend 1. diversifying your global portfolio, and 2. obfuscating your crypto transactions as much as possible. If O'Leary and his band of merry idiots get their way, countries will impose restrictions on your citizenship, which they will then trace to your crypto holdings. They can't limit your crypto directly. They have to scare you through nationalism or whatever -ism to make you volunteer your information to them. Privacy is the key. Privacy and not falling for any of the old divisive tricks these clowns want to impose.

Bitcoin is easy. Don't make it hard. If you listen to O'Leary and hear anything other than babble, you're being programmed. Turn off the computer immediately and seek professional help (Alucard's blog and Telegram group).


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