Ivan on Tech Admits His Endgame is Selling Out Crypto. This is Your King?
Ivan on Tech said he isn't planning on investing in crypto long term.

Ivan on Tech Admits His Endgame is Selling Out Crypto. This is Your King?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 16 Nov 2020

At around 44:01 of the Ivan on Tech video "BITCOIN DUMP WARNING!!!! $100M Whale Shorting [WATCH BEFORE MONDAY] Programmer explains" (I'm not linking that crap here), Ivan admits his crypto endgame. He told everyone that he is using the crypto world to build up a portfolio and that crypto is good for building a portfolio. All good. The VERY next second he decries crypto as "too risky" and says that he would never hold a large amount of money in it.

Is this your king?

This attitude is indicative of the attitude of every YouTube shill I critique in this blog. This entire generation of crypto hodlers are here for profit, not philosophy, and they will sell out the future of humanity for a house or two at the first opportunity.

Really. This is your king?

Hodler 4 Life

I know I have to address binary lowbrow thinkers and people who take their entire mode of communication from political talking head shows. JUST BECAUSE I SAY IVAN IS A SELLOUT DOESN'T MEAN THAT I'M AGAINST TAKING PROFITS.

Scroll back up and read that again before you pollute my comment section with irrelevant nonsense. I'll repeat it for your benefit.


Now that THAT'S out of the way...

Quick, Selfish Adoption Will Kill Crypto

I'm actually glad that Ivan and other YouTube shills are so transparent with their gameplan. It lets me know that this generation of crypto marketers is not the generation to move the humanitarian aspect of the technology forward. I know to expect selfish behavior and "profit over all" attitudes. This is fine if it weren't so detrimental to the future of crypto.

This generation will cause major damage to crypto as a method for financial decentralization, a cure for income inequality and a mode of connecting emerging markets to developed countries. Just pray they will take their gains and move on. I really believe the next generation behind them will be the ones to drive educated adoption and protect the crypto space from a hostile takeover by traditional finance and oligarchical governments.


The generation after Ivan will have had time to see the Satoshi generation and its effect on society. It will be able to contrast that with Ivan's generation and its cynical, cowardly attitude. The difference will be like night and day. However, these folks will also have the leverage of profitability. They will have already taken their gains from the market, and so will be playing with house money. They won't need to report to a job or take crap from governments because they are waiting on Universal Basic Income or some CBDC airdrop to survive.

I should thank Ivan and his ilk for talking this way. It's because government officials know that this crypto generation is just hodling to move back into fiat that they haven't been more vigilant in shutting the whole thing down. Keep it up, Ivan and Elliotrades and the rest. Everyone knows what you're in the game to do. Lull those regulators to sleep until we can get some real frontmen into this industry that will push forward the humanitarian aspect as well as the financial aspect. For now we need your cover.

The Future of Crypto

I tell you, I didn't have much hope for the future of crypto listening to the people who have 100,000 subs or more on YouTube right now. But then I checked out some of the smaller channels — those people who are looking past the "mainstream of crypto" to do their own thinking. These are the people who aren't stuck on the Ethereum network. They don't use Uniswap as their main DEX. They are in constant watch for new altcoins that will build on the weaknesses of the current generation. They are using LBRY, Odysee or Theta, not YouTube; Brave, not Chrome; GYSR, not Facebook.

Moreover, they are much less likely to get caught in scams or produce them as devs. These people aren't the rich yuppies of 2017 or the soulless professional profiteers of 2020. I can't wait until this group of people rises to the forefront, but it won't be for a while. In the meantime, have fun with the coming altcoin run and hope that 2021 shakes out all of the weak hands.


The next level.

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