How to Research Crypto (Hint: Ivan on Tech Doesn't Count)
bitcoin crypto shills are making money off you. research BTC using these techniques instead.

How to Research Crypto (Hint: Ivan on Tech Doesn't Count)

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 9 Nov 2020

It's natural to look for shortcuts when researching difficult, wide reaching topics. There are few topics more difficult and wide reaching than crypto. Everyone wants to find the next gem, and no one wants to read through dozens of esoteric whitepapers to do it.

What's the first shortcut most people take? Finding some popular crypto shill on YouTube and following their "advice."

Following folks like Bitboy, Ivan on Tech, Elliotrades or Chico Crypto is a one-way ticket to poverty. All of those guys make their money driving herd-based pump and dumps and collecting sponsorship fees from project devs. Follow them at your own peril.

Instead of wasting an hour watching Ivan on Tech videos and pretending that's research, here are 5 things you could be doing that may actually make you some money.

Read the Whitepapers

Even if you don't understand everything that goes into a highly technical whitepaper, reading them directly will teach you the language you need to properly assess the risk and potential of a project. Reading whitepapers also helps to direct your efforts so you can actually choose a discipline within crypto that you enjoy. The most effective stock pickers usually specialize, and you should, too. This is the complete antithesis of following YouTube shills, who will be talking about a different coin every single day.

Follow Trends

YouTube shills do have a purpose, but it may not be what you may think. Often, the real experts are the folks you will find in the Telegram groups of the shills. If you are a technical trader looking for trends, you can find them in following the conversations in these groups. One of my favorite techniques is to look up a coin I'm interested in on Telegram. Ignore the messages you find from that coin's group. Look at the messages from Telegram users outside that group. (Make sure they aren't shills or bots, of course.) If you find a coin that's being talked about heavily in other groups, odds are you can catch a wave. Be prepared for a quick exit, however. 

Set Alerts

When you find projects that you like, you don't need to wait on shills before you go back to them. Use the automated alerts you find on apps like Coingecko and Dextools. One of the best investments I've ever made was the $7000 USD it took to get in on Dextools' top tier service. Getting alerts on pump and dump coins the second they hit the platform has given me more than a few multiple X returns.

Use Bots

I used to complain about whales' use of bots until I realized that the people I was complaining against were making money dumping on my head. I decided to get over my fears and try using some bots to my advantage. Be forewarned — bots are not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. You can misprogram a bot to lose you money. (Garbage in, garbage out.) However, I much prefer bots to shills because you know the performance to expect from a bot. No matter what the outcome, it is attributable to your skill and the programming of the bot. Follow a shill, and you never know if you're blindly investing in a project that is paying that person under the table. By the way, I consider bots research because you still have to find appropriate targets to use them, and you will also put in real time learning how to use the bot itself.

Email Project Devs/Check Github

You don't have to be a developer yourself to have a fruitful discussion with project devs. Ask questions from a consumer's perspective if you don't have technical knowledge. The developer should be able to explain the project's use case to you, or if it's just a financial game project, you'll hear it directly from the horse's mouth. Checking Github is a great way to check the dev team's passion. I usually don't invest in projects that spend more time updating on Twitter than on Github.

There you go — 5 things you can do with your time that totally beats following YouTube crypto shills. Not only do you give yourself a better chance at profitability, but you learn more about the crypto industry. This knowledge will serve you well as the market expands. You will know where to put your money while the shills go after the new rookies.

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