Fuck Elon; Defi's Next

Fuck Elon; Defi's Next

By Alucard0x | cryptoinvesting | 18 May 2021

We have officially overcome the bullshit trolling of Elon Musk. Bitcoin may have some trouble for a time, but the rest of the market is doing what it's supposed to do. This is the time in the cycle that bitcoin goes sideways and lets alts do their thing, Elon or no Elon. The cycle is the cycle. And right now, defi is next.

Those of you who catch this today should really think about moving into your favorite defi project before it pumps to the moon. Just before I wrote this, Venus pumped about 50% and I'm mad as hell because I barely missed it. However, there are many others I didn't miss. And if you look at the trend, everything getting ready to pump right now is defi.

Can't miss projects for some good money right now include Sushi, YFI, Venus and Cream. But the real gains here will be from those hidden gems. I'm in two of them that have shown incredible promise but just haven't broken into those tier 1 projects yet. Glitch and ForTube are incredible projects that I believe could be a 10x from here if people start to get what they are really about.

Why is defi up next? It's the next step for the noobs who made money from bitcoin, Doge and ETH. Many of these people will not be moving their money back to fiat immediately once they get a whiff of those sweet APYs. They will hear the Bitboys of the world and feed into the rush of the bull market. The narrative is unbeatable right now, as you can see. Elon can't even stop it. The noobs are discovering the second layer of crypto, and that layer is defi.

Keep in mind that when bitcoin wakes up, all of that money will likely flow back into it. I can't call when this will happen. But there's a good indicator — watch the charts of your favorite defi coin vs. ETH. When the ratio moves into resistance, you may want to consider selling. As an example, if LTC hits $1000, you should definitely consider moving into the next leg of the market cycle.

Fuck Elon!


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