Ether Will Lead the Market Soon, RIP BTC
Ethereum and the projects around it will lead crypto in the near future.

Ether Will Lead the Market Soon, RIP BTC

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 12 Dec 2020

The RIP BTC stuff is a bit clickbaity. I apologize.

But ETH will eventually lead the crypto market. The $260 trillion debt and $1.7 quadrillion Forex market is coming to crypto, and Ethereum is leading this charge. It will not be able to handle it alone, which will make chains like Cardano and Polkadot necessary. But the winners are not decided. These are the Netscape days of the Internet — the days when Altavista was the top search engine and Google wasn't even on the radar.

If Ethereum can implement its fee burn, that will help to counteract the unlimited potential distribution of the coin. Some analysts say that ether could even have a negative interest rate if the feature is properly implemented. This is actually a one up on bitcoin.

There are some other telltale signs that we see for ether taking the lead:

  • Ethereum is being discovered in retail. In the 2017 cycle, bitcoin was the new kid on the block. This time around, everybody knows about bitcoin. They don't know about Ethereum. When they find out about the differences between the projects, it will open up a whole new world to them. That is, if banks and government don't regulate it to hell first.
  • Ethereum is more developed than bitcoin. This isn't to say that bitcoin should be more developed. I don't think it should. It does its one job very well, which is to be a store of collateral value. But Ethereum is the project that is driving fintech forward, and as such, it will take the lead during the war against traditional finance starting in 2021.
  • Institutions are opening avenues to invest in ether. Grayscale, Paypal and all of the other institutions that are stealing your crypto are offering to steal your ether just as much as they are offering to steal your bitcoin. With ease of adoption comes use, and with use comes higher prices. Once the retail market thinks bitcoin has topped out, they will look to other crypto assets.
  • Ethereum is a gateway drug. The other projects that are threatening to become mainstream are all connected to Ethereum either as a layer 2 solution or as some kind of add-on. Cardano, Polkadot, Chainlink — these are just a few of the projects that are moving into traditional finance. Stuff like Tezos and EOS with less of a connection is not getting talked about as much on the other side of the fence.
  • Ethereum is connected to apps that have proven their adaptability. Dapps like Metamask have already proven they can be mainstream, and they are based around Ethereum. 

Bitcoin will never lose its place, but ether will be just as powerful at some point in the near future. Don't forget to invest in this incredible asset while you're stacking sats.

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