Coming Back from Your Vacation to Rekt City
Blowing up your crypto investments in Rekt City is a great way to gain perspective.

Coming Back from Your Vacation to Rekt City

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 23 Nov 2020

You're back! How was it?

Did you see the sights? The only elevator in the world that goes to the 0.1X floor? The penthouse suites with the rugs that autopull? Oh, please tell me you went to see the Shitcoin Yieldfarm exhibit. The restaurant is the best. They added sushi and yams to the menu, I heard.

I know that first day back from Rekt City can be a bit overwhelming, but I have some advice to get you back into your daily routine. Ready? Ok!

1. Join a recovery group. No, I'm serious. Sharing stories of your vacation can be a great way to gain perspective on the experience. Let out the emotion. Cry if you must. There is an overflow of stuff that comes with going to Rekt City, and you need to get back to center before you go back to cryptowork. No matter what, take the time to re-center.

Some people who have never been to Rekt City, or who haven't been in a while, may laugh at you out of disbelief. Don't worry. They're just jealous. They'll be less jealous when they take their next vacation.

2. Sleep it off. There's nothing better for a mental reset than good ol' fashioned sleep. Take a long nap. Make sure you turn off all of your computers and phones. The blue light in them messes with your melanin and makes it harder to sleep.

If you get the urge to "come into the light" (perhaps a side effect of riding the Revenge Trade Rollercoaster in Rekt City), you may have to physically break your devices. Don't worry. There's a repair shop you can attend down the street.

3. Organize your vacation photo album. You'll have plenty of memories immortalized from Rekt City, so take the time to arrange them. Some photos will be better than others, and honestly, you won't remember why you took some of them. If you get a great memory when you look at a photo, it may be worth saving. If you don't remember why you took it, cut your losses and save that position in your album for a better photo.

I heard the Ethereum foundation is willing to accept your worst photos for a bit of ETH. Take it. That ether may come in handy in the future.

4. Collect doctor's reports. I know you want to go back to Rekt City. It's addictive. And it's so EASY to go. It's ok; we've all been through it. There are a set of medical reports, known as whitepapers, that you can read to calm the urge to go back so quickly. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that the addiction to Rekt City vacations has a 95.76% inverse correlation with the amount of whitepapers you read.

One of the problems with many new crypto investors is that they never learned to read. That's ok, too. Your second best option is to find a YouTuber who has already read the whitepapers and let him break it down for you.

5. Put up the tool set for a while. Many traditional investors may lead you to believe that your participation in the decentralized economy is responsible for your addiction to Rekt City. This is false. It's true that tinkering with this economy too much can cause volatile effects, however. So there is no need to stop using DEXs — but you may need to put away the DEX tools for a while to ease yourself back into the saddle.

Follow the steps above, and your transition back into your daily routine should be efficient and productive. Ah, the memories of Rekt City. Hold them dear to your heart. Once you've built up enough of a piggybank, you'll have enough to go again — perhaps this time for an extended luxury trip!


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