Coinbase + Binance = Defi

Coinbase + Binance = Defi

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 19 Apr 2021

The rivalry between Coinbase and Binance will lead to no good for crypto. Although I'm 100% for decentralization and sovereignty, I actually have a dog in this centralized fight. I'm fully in Binance's corner, because at least CZ has the spirit of crypto in him and he's not a publicly hateful person. Binance is also an objectively better exchange. It provides access to more projects not only on the exchange, but in early-access programs as well.

That pussy ass racist skinhead faggit Brian Armstrong implicated Binance for regulation in the fucking Coinbase S-1. How sissified can a punk bitch be? Seriously. In a world that is trying to improve upon traditional regulation, this piece of monkey shit is acting like a fucking Karen calling 911 on a "suspicious person." In an investment document, no less. Shitbag.

I'm writing this post to let readers know that defi is the final destination for your capital and political energy. Through Binance. Binance is not the destination; it's a vehicle to the destination.

Same goes for Chainlink. <--- I highly recommend reading the article linked here to find out what's going on with Chainlink 2.0. Crypto is all about getting rid of middlemen. Code is law, not companies with centralized power. Because even if a company has good intentions, a centralized hub for information or finances can be exploited by traditional regulators, government and banks. If you start to rely on Binance and Chainlink, you basically just subject yourself to new masters. These new innovators are just human, and they can be compromised over time as well. The system is the thing that must change, and decentralization is what must receive your intellectual and financial energy.

I also recognize that having a philosophy costs money. Telling a bunch of broke people to move onto Ethereum because it's decentralized and you-can't-use-Binance-because-centralization is pointless. And wrong. That's why you see a lot of my more recent articles focused on how to make money on Binance — it's got the most opportunity with the lowest fees.

But play the long game. Don't forget what this is all about. Looking into that Coinbase and Binance thing just hit me in the head and reminded me about my endgame. Peace out.


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