Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful about crypto

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful?

By AlucardLife | cryptoinvesting | 5 Jun 2021

I started with that quote to lead you into a quote that's more relevant for the crypto market right now. The title quote is attributed to Warren Buffett. I made up this one. It has parallel structure and is more relevant today, so I'm thinkin I'm pretty smart right now.

Be excited when others are bored.

Bitcoin is moving sideways. The headlines have subsided. The only thing really halfway hitting mainstream media is that stupid Elon heartbreak tweet, and it didn't do nearly the damage of the first one. This and other indicators tell me many things.

A lot of the stupid speculative money has left the building. Thank God. It's not all gone, and the Blockchain Miami Conference won't help any. But there's not nearly as much as there was when BTC was at $64K.

Legitimate projects are still down 50% from their highs. They are getting no press. Right now, the little bit of press crypto gets is all about bitcoin FUD and marketing for the crappiest poocoins in the market. The good stuff, the stuff that will be here in 5 years, is getting no attention whatsoever.

Now is the time to get your research about these projects done. Be excited when others are bored.

If you do this, you will identify the projects that will pump hardest when irrational exuberance reaches another zenith. You'll be ahead of the crowd, and you'll profit the most.

Keep in mind: The fact that stupid money is still in the market means we may get one more shakeout before any breakout. There's still money in small projects and shitcoins that market makers may have the ability to shake out. You should be prepared for a move back into the 20Ks for BTC. I don't want to hear that, but it's very possible. Especially if we get a run up of dumb money after Miami. We can very easily pump back into $45K and then dump all the way back down into the high $20Ks. I'm getting this info from running a Wyckoff accumulation pattern on the bitcoin 2HR chart and from watching certain altcoins pump.

Mind you, I'm not shorting anything. I'm being excited while others are bored. I'm researching the projects I really want to be in from a technical, financial and philosophical perspective. I'm looking at projects daily to see how they handle bear markets. Are the communities shit or do they stick around?

This is also the time to answer questions about projects you've been in. Are you buying equity in the company or just helping to make a secondary market for a company with VC money that could care less about the token?

Send some emails or at least ask those burning questions to the Telegram and Discord mods. Gather a group of people around you who can alert you to good projects. Get excited NOW so that you're not jumping around like a kangaroo when the idiots get back in, following this coin and that coin, taking outsized risks playing in the crypto casino. If you're properly placed, you just wait for the morons to come, sell them your bags and profit while keeping your own risk minimized.

It's an exciting time!


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