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A few days ago Bxie infinity was born, and these days you can participate in its free airdrop of 100BXS and a character from the game!

In addition, the discounted presale of the BXS token is in progress.

After the great success of Axie Infinity, Bxie Infinity is finally based on Binance Smart Chain, therefore with a substantial reduction in fee costs.

Join the aridrop via this link:


• Low Threshold
You have to install a wallet, a game client, and even pay a gas fee up to $ 100 if you play Axie Infinity. It's too expensive and complex for beginners. Instead, Bxie Infinity is based on Binance Smart Chain with a much lower gas fee and without installing any client.

• Invitation System
Invitation system can make you earn NFT, BNB, and other bonuses.

• Great Potential
Axie Infinity marketcap has up to 34 billion while Bxie Infinity is just the beginning.

• Play to Earn
Members can play games to earn BLP, and the profit will gradually increase as you level up.

• GameFi
Bxie Infinity is a game with DeFi mechanisms, you can stake your BXS to earn profit.

• PVP and PVE
Compete against others online or play solo.


Join the aridrop via this link, see you on Bxie Infinity!


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