Betfury - earn cryptocurrency playing games and have fun. Betfury - a way to generate passive dividend income by holding BFG tokens free

By Crypto【฿】Love | Cryptoindustry | 27 Oct 2020

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Betfury is a crypto social gaming platform enjoy the best gaming entertainment with the benefits of: BTC dividend pools -TRX - USDT - BTT rank system VIP cashback up to 25%.
It's easy to make money on BetFury - just play and multiply BFG tokens, get dividends, play or withdraw to your wallet!


BetFury will give you 25 Satoshi for FREE every 20 minutes. You can withdraw this BTC or use it to play on the platform and earn BFG token. Once you have earned at least 10 BFG tokens you will start earning BTC -TRX - BTT - USDT dividends for free every day. Enjoy the easy way to get cryptocurrency! Real rewards every 20 minutes.

BetFury is a great online gambling platform where you can earn a portion of your income in dividends on a daily basis. Dividends are a pool of the net profit of the public platform in BTC, TRX, USDT and BTT currencies. Every 24 hours, the dividend pool releases 3% of the total platform profit for each currency, and this amount is distributed among all users holding BFG tokens. Looking to make a profit, but don't have a BFG yet? Now you know what to do.

Watch the filling of the dividend pool in real time and view the history of dividend distribution.

How to receive dividends ?! It's very simple, play your favorite games, get BFG tokens - get daily dividends in cryptocurrency every day!

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The BFG token is the unified token of the BetFury platform. To expand potential market opportunities and improve dividend payout, a BFG fork was decided for the BFG (BTC) and BFG (TRX) sub-tokens within the platform. Each user who owns BFG tokens receives a portion of the platform's profits. This is achieved through a transparent distribution of dividends among players. Token holders receive dividends in all currencies represented on the platform. BFG will soon be available to buy and sell on the exchange, so playing with BetFury is a valuable asset.

If you haven't tried BetFury yet, now is your chance. It is a great platform with provably fair games that will allow you to earn BFG tokens. The BFG token is then held for dividend payments at the end of each day.

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BetFury - has a huge variety of slots, you are sure to find your favorite games ranging from home games such as Dice, Keno, Plinko, Hilo, Mines to table games. BetFury has many official slots providers and a live casino with real time roulette, poker, blackjack and more.

BetFury Cashback: The more you play at BetFury, the higher your rating and cashback amount will be. The most active users can get back 25% and enjoy great gameplay with the best benefits.

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The percentage of cashback depends on your rank. From the first day on the platform, you can get 2% cashback. By playing games, you increase your rating and thus the size of your cashback - up to 25% for Super-VIP.

Cashback is available to get on top of your losses twice a week: on Tuesday and Thursday. The timer in the Profile- Cashback shows a countdown until the next calculation period. You have until the start of the next settlement period to receive cashback from the previous one. Example (you have cashback from Monday to Thursday, which you must withdraw so that you have time from Thursday to next Monday to receive it on the game balance, otherwise the cashback will expire.


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