1 Month of Crypto Concepts in 2 minutes.

By Dan Druff | cryptoholics_anonymous | 10 Jun 2021


Welcome to my blog thing!


I remember the moment when Crypto became clear to me. It took me a couple tries to understand it, but once I got it, there was no turning back.

That's why I can relate when friends and family say it's just a scheme.  The first time I heard of NFT's, I couldn't imagine how anybody would pay money for digital art!  You can find so much of whatever your looking for already with Instagram, Youtube, ArtStation Etc...

I think the NFT craze may slow down, but while I was learning it, I was able to see all the different ways of how it might be applied in the future...

I predict a decentralized social media platform that PAYS YOU for your content, instead of the tech giants. The users also pay depending on how much content you consume, with constant ultra-micro transactions.  Kind of like how Publish0X works!! Imagine this approach being applied to everything you already do online!

It sounds a bit like an episode of 'Black Mirror', but I could see the everyone flocking to social media (even more) if there were financial incentives. Myself included.  NFT's and scalable digital ledger tech will be needed to make this all possible, and I really believe it is the future of computing. 

As a part time programmer, now that I know that web assembly and Web3 is coming with bio-metrics, and possibly a DE-CENTRALIZED INTERNET running DAPPS, the whole internet now feels like an outdated hairstyle from a 'Friends' episode, wrapped in an avocado green shag carpet.

I was onboarded into crypto currency by an old friend who called me out of the blue telling me to get behind this one certain token. I said I don't have much money, and he said "figure it out."   When I first hung up, I thought, "Ya right...He just wants me in on some Ponzi scheme"...But I kept thinking about it, and I ended up diving in head first into the rabbit hole, where I still am. And where I feel you are too if you're reading this.

I quickly got caught up in the hype and became a fan of that token, and even started making memes and stuff... but then I realized that there is a whole host of promising horizons beyond the hype.  I then diversified what I had into projects I believe in, based on my own research.  

Long story short, I'm now ALL-IN with crypto, and it wasn't even on my radar 2 months ago. Crypto makes finance way more engaging. I used to not pay attention to my finances, or I avoided them because I felt it was an annoying chore. I think I might take a more interested role in my money from now on.

Every industrial revolution brings with it its share of great uses, as well as bad. This will be no different, and there's going to be lots of growing pains. Hopefully we can guide it into a world that doesn't look like the future from the 'Terminator' movies.

After 2 months, I'm down about $1300 CAD... BUT, I'm not too nervous. I really believe crypto will eventually gain mass adoption and open the doors, we just have to be patient.  

The long term plan is still the same, but at least I feel I have a bit more knowledge. 

We know for sure there will be another Bitcoin halving sometime around 2024, and I think if we survive the civil / climate wars with a little bit of crypto until then, we should be OK.





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Dan Druff

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