PipeFlare - Play-to-Earn plataform

By Gynco | CryptoGynco | 2 Dec 2023

The PipeFlare platform is a gaming website that has invested in Web 3.0 technology. The primary currency of the platform is the 1FLR Token (1FLR), and it is possible to earn through participation in games, airdrops, staking, and the referral program.

Over time, there has been significant growth in the platform, accompanied by an appreciation of the 1FLR value.


The 1FLR Token is the driving force behind the PipeFlare ecosystem, meaning that the majority of assets within the GameFi platform can be acquired using 1FLR.

Items that can be purchased with 1FLR include (but are not limited to): NFTs, in-game items, power-ups, memberships, and referrals.

In addition to making purchases, the 1FLR Token offers exclusive benefits to encourage users to use the currency within the PipeFlare platform. For example, in-game upgrades can only be acquired through the 1FLR Token. Users also receive special discounts when buying with 1FLR, allowing them to save up to 35% on their purchases.

1FLR also provides excellent staking options, giving PipeFlare users the opportunity to earn passive income. By staking the 1FLR Token on PipeFlare, one can earn up to a 27.5% staking bonus. As PipeFlare continues to grow, there will be even more use cases for the 1FLR Token... this is just the beginning.


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