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How to Participate on Thorswap IDO on Thorstarter platform to Buy Cheap THOR Tokens

By Charles Gune | cryptoguru | 29 Oct 2021

I will teach you how to participate on Thorswap IDO on Thorstarter platform to buy cheap THOR tokens. On the ThorSwap THOR token ICO you can purchase $300 dollars worth of tokens at 0.075. There will be only 2500+ participants with 2% of total supply of 10 Million THOR tokens allocated on first come first serve basic on Monday Nov 1st. 2500 participants going to be very low and will be sold out very fast. Thor tokens will be available on Sushiswap on Nov 4th for trading.

How to participate in Thorstarter’s launch
In order to participate you need 4 steps.
Step (1) acquire 100 XRUNE.
(ii) stake for 100 vXRUNE in order to qualify for Thorstarter’s sale
(iii) acquire additional XRUNE,
(iv) deposit up to US$300 worth of XRUNE to exchange for THOR
Thorstarter has 2 requirements to participate → XRUNE and convert to vXRUNE.

What to Do During Pre-launch
Do the following four steps before the launch dates.
Step 1, To acquire XRUNE, you can purchase XRUNE on THORSwap or SushiSwap. I would use for small transactions $0–$500 then use SushiSwap as it would be less gas intensive. If you do not yet have a wallet, we recommend using XDEFI or MetaMask. I will be using MetaMask.
Step 2, To acquire vXRUNE — You need to stake 100 XRUNE for 100 vXRUNE. This qualifies you to become a Valhalla Venture DAO member, which allows you to participate in Thorstarter’s token launch. To stake your XRUNE for vXRUNE go to and connect your wallet (XDefi, Metamask, TrustWallet)
Step 3. Click Connect Wallet.
Step 4. Lock (aka stake) 100 XRUNE. You will need ETH if your wallet as gas to stake.

What to Do on Day-Of Launch
You must complete the Pre-Launch steps describe earlier before attempting the following steps on Launch date!
Step 1, Go to the Thorstarter APP at
Step 2, Connect your wallet (XDefi, Metamask, TrustWallet) at the top right.
Step 3. Select $THOR
Step 4. Choose your investment size (up to $300)
Step 5. Deposit $XRUNE
Step 6. You will receive your $THOR tokens on Nov 4th according to Thorstarter page for Thorswap.

In Conclusion

You have to be extremely lucky to be amoung 2500 participants for Thorswap Initial Token offering on Nov 4th.  If you enjoy this Thorswap Initial Token offering video on Thorstarter, please subscribe and hit the like button show some love. Happy crypto.

Below is a video explaining how to participate on ThorSwap IDO.

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