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How to Participate on Miso Sushiswap for Thorwallet IDO for Phase 2

By Charles Gune | cryptoguru | 21 Dec 2021

I show you how to invest in on up coming projects on Sushiswap's Miso launch pad. Miso launch pad allows you to invest in up coming projects directly from Ethereum wallet. I used my Metamask Ethereum wallet to invest in Upcoming Thorwallet IDO on Phase 2 launch. As you can see the staring Dutch Auction price is 1.5 USDC and current auction price is 1.009 USDC. The reserve price is 0.075 USDC. On go to Marketplace. Select Live Sales. You can see Thorwallet Governance Token (TGT) listed. They provide on left side the contract address, token address, official thorwallet website, whitepaper, github, telegram, discord, medium, twitter as well as official Appstore wallet download. I would sign up for telegram, twitter and check out medium post for latest updates and news. On twitter they will announcement the token release date. I believe it is scheduled 2 hours after MISO auction ends.

Depositing Funds into MISO on Sushiswap IDO

Next, Let me show you how to invest in Thorwallet MISO IDO on Sushiswap. First connect your Ethereum Metamask wallet. Funds it with $200 worth of Ethereum for gas fees and any amount of USDC you thing you going to deposit.

Thorwallet IOS is fully fledged wallet where you do not have to pay eth gas fees to stake your tokens. That is fantastic give Ethereum gas fees are crazy high. Enter the amount of USDC you going to commit. Click approve button. Pay eth gas fees this is less than a dollar. After Ethereum network approves the transaction, click Commit. Here you will be paying $50 of ETH gas (Depending on gas fee at the time). After this transaction is approved on ETH network it will deduct you USDC from your MetaMask wallet. I committed 9300 USDC and it got deducted for the MISO auction. The time I purchase TGT token it was little over $1. However, I know the final price auction is dropping and I will get more that 9300 tokens. You will see current token price listed on the auction. That is the amount raised divided by the 10 million tokens allocated for this round. It sits at 0.016188 USDC that is less than the reserved price. If not many users are committing funds to this action current token price will be closer to the reserve price.

Your commitment is for the minimum amount of tokens. As the auction price drops, your commitment will entitled you to claim even more tokens at the end. Final price per token is determined at the end of the auction. Everyone who commits before the end of a successful auction, claims tokens at same final price.

Note: If you are blocked by country restriction, you can use a Proton VPN to connect to a non blocked country like Netherlands to participate on this IDO.

Note: This article is no investment advice because I am not an approved investment adviser!

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