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How to Mine Nervos (CKB) Coin Based on Eaglesong Algorithm via Goldshell CK5 Asic Miner

By Charles Gune | cryptoguru | 29 Sep 2021

how to mine Nervos (CKB) Coin using Goldshell CK5 asic miner. As of this video only coin that can be mined with Goldshell CK5 miner is Nervos (CKB). It is as of shooting this video Goldshell CK5 is the top of the line Nervos mining ASIC miner.

I was able to purchase a CK5 directly from Goldshell Original manufactures for $4000 per miner on earlier release batch. As of shooting this video they still have CK5 miners for sale at $7500. It is very risky investment gamble to purchase this at $7500 with Return on Investment (ROI) is 360 days. My ROI is only 150 days. I am hoping cryptocurrency market will not tank for next 150 days or 5 months so I can recover my initial investment to break even. I would not recommend any of you to pay $7500 with ROI is more than 150 days. That is why this miner has not been sold out because ROI is too risky.

Goldshell CK5 Eaglesong Basic Nervos Miner Specification:
CK5 Nervos miner from manufacturer Goldshell was first released on March 2021 that has maximum hashrate of 12 Terra hashes per second. It weights about 8.5kg. I consumes 2400 Watts with input voltages of 220 Volts. This means you will need 220 Volts 2 phase power to run in the US. Your standard 110 Volts outlets will not work. CK5 Pro's noise level is 80db with 2 fans. This is compare to 72 db for noisy Antminer L3+ with single fan. I would not recommend running CK5 miner inside your home. It will be too loud! Unless you have a sound proof basement with enough ventilation.

Goldshell CK5 Mining Setup and Pools:
Nervos can be efficiently mined with ASIC miners. Nervos cannot be efficiently mined with CPUs, GPUs and FPGA miners. If you do not yet have a Nervos address, you’ll need to get one. I recommend Cobo Wallet or Bixin Wallet. You can also choose an exchange, such as Binance or OKex. I will provide link to sign up for (Non US users), Binance.US (For US users) if you do not have one.

Goldshell CK5 can be mined from Asic on CKB Nervos Network pool,
Nice Hash's Eaglesong pool, and Spark CKB PPS Pool as well. You always want to pick a pool with very large hash rate to increase your likelyhood of getting consistent mining rewards. Lower hash rate mining pools have lower likelyhood of getting consistent mining rewards but can be lucky and get more rewards for rear block rewards shared will less miners. As you can see CK5 is the most profitable, Eaglesong miner around as of shooting this video. One of the easiest pools to set up is f2pool. You’ll need to enter the following information in your mining device:
Your miner must be connected to the f2pool server listed below for your hashrate and revenue to be recorded and monitored.

CK5 Nervos Asic Miner Setup:

Bellow is the miner setup screen information for the f2pool:
URL: stratum+tcp://
Username: miningAccountUsername.workerName
Password: Your choice
Please note
1. Your miningAccountUsername is in your Account Settings.
2. workerName is optional, but we recommend labeling each of your mining devices with a separate workerName for more efficient monitoring.

Type of Coin to Mine and Profitability:
Using Eaglesong miner like Goldshell CK5 you have the only option to mine Eaglesong based cryptocurrency like Nervos (CKB). Since you cannot mining multiple Eaglesongs coin this increase obsolence of this miner. If Goldshell or other manufacture in the near future release Eaglesong based algorithm miners, your profitability will drop like a rock. Many manufactures, mostly Bitmain, is very greedy and known to sell thousands of miners in batches. They do not care about profitability of their customers. They just want to sell as many miners as possible to make money for themselves while miners are hot in demand because of high daily profit levels.

Nervos (CKB) Daily Profitability:
With today's Nervos price of 0.0121 USD and Nervos network hashrate of 61.6 PHash/sec, you can earn 96 Nervos per hour and 2306 Nervos per day at estimated income of $27.7 USD. With electricity cost of $0.10 USD per Kilowatt hour, you will be spending $5.76 on electricity per day. This reduces your daily profit to $21.95. Remember as time goes on Nervos network hash rate is going to go up. This will reduced how much Nervos you earn per day. Also, given as of shooting this video we are nearing the cryptocurrency bull run, expect the price of Nervos tokens to drop as end of the cryptocurrency bull run.

Where the buy Goldshell's Nervos CK5 Miners:
If you want to buy this miner first you want to check Goldshell original OEM manufacture because price is cheapest with manufacture. In this case I would first try Goldshell website for price. It was listed as $7500 initially released on March 2021. As of shooting this video it is still available for purchase. Many OEM known to ship batches of 10,000 or so units on each shipping orders. One think I need to warn you that when worst case scenario 10,000 units hit the Nervos network within few days of shipping, network difficulty will shoot thru the roof and your profits will drop like a rock. You will be holding a expensive brick or heat that is worthless to mine. If you want to find used miner right now, buy a used one from Alibaba. Always negotiate for better price and only pay with Alibaba Trade Assurance supported payments. Never pay with cryptocurrencies because of scammers out there. Alibaba reseller are going to markup the price above Bitmain website price. Currently sellers on Alibaba asking $6000. You can always negotiate prices and try to drop the price. However, make sure you get a operational video of miner hashing screen and miner operation video. I bought a used miner from Alibaba, it was really banged up. I learned my lesson. It had screws missing. Fans were broken during shipping. One shipped had trojan horse virus on it. I had to re-flash to controller boards to wipeout virus completely. Alibaba sellers do not believe in quality as those in eBay or Amazon. Cheap price you pay in Alibaba, you can expect miners those that banged out. When asking for miners make sure ask for miners that are refurbish quality used ones. I have a link below for my Alibaba video on more about payment methods.


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