Why your Bitcoin investments is not a mistake. On-chain analyses proof

By rexngum | Crypto & Greed | 8 Mar 2023

Given the recent market turmoil. The entire Cryptocurrencies market is facing uncertain market moves with downtrends overriding uptrends.

This is because of the last year market crash and with highten regulatory concerns this year, couple with the crack down from the banking system limiting on and off ramp transactions.

But why should you worry!?

Considering you made a good decision, which really is! The market condition is not in favor for a majority of people with less liquidity. You may be worried, but rest assured that on-chain analyses proof Bitcoin is here to stay and even the SEC chairman Gary Gensler recently confirmed Bitcoin is an asset class, while most cryptos are unregistered securities.

The why of Bitcoin is proven by the activities on some of these sites which will give you a clear definition of hodling Bitcoin for the long term.

My major fear has always been the case with a coordinated attack on Bitcoin--- that is, waking up to hear; "Bitcoin is banned", luckily this is history. I don't have to think of it again, because, the Bitcoin movement is a revolution that will not happen over the night. Why? Because the the banking system is own by major corporations or families with macro hierarchy ( with lots of wealth and power) and high IQ to manipulate the Bitcoin evolution.

The on-chain analyses proof how enthusiasts believe on principles of neutrality which are simple realism for Bitcoin without having to understand game theory.

On-chain Analyses are stronger than never before. Don't listen to the noise.

For the movement of Bitcoin on the Blockchain should be the basics of analyses. And these websites hold free information about Bitcoin movement on the Blockchain from small addresses to large addresses. It is a great way to reassess your decisions.


This is a website that provide you with tools to analyse Bitcoin make proper investments decisions. The tool offers an incredible free plan with no sign up needed. With lots of stock data to navigate through their website. For example, chart showing addresses with balance > 0.01 BTC.


The chart shows data with growing interest in Bitcoin where it's  trading below the all time high (ATH) of $69000 last year. Though large addresses have a downward trend, with a small gap indicates they'll not willing to sell large amounts. Whatever, any sales from them is a redistribution of Bitcoin. Because, Bitcoin is here to stay.


This website shows raw on-chain data of cryptocurrencies from address balance of old addresses to tell growing interest of a particular cryptocurrency. The activities of old addresses is important, letting you to understand the market sentiment. Analyse every crypto of your choice using this free website.


CryptoMisois such an amazing tool, it's shows developer activities on the Bitcoin Blockchain and other related open source crypto projects. Bitcoin is ranked 11 for developer activity. This data help you understand the Bitcoin Blockchain is active and not abandoned like other crypto projects. 

These few websites can help you understand and continue making better investments decisions without panic. You will understand market analyses and on-chain movement, this will help to distressed panic when ever there is a crash. And lots more free tools.

None the less, be save through out this month, because, Mt. Gox starts distribution March the 10th. And also, as  an address related with the US government transfered 49,000 BTC siezed from the silk road  hacker  can mount bearish momentum as a stash of 9826 BTC has been transferred to coinbase later on.

It is of your best interest to use this information while not relying on it as an endorsement.


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