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How to create a good crypto exchange? watch a chat GPT prompt beats crypto exchange founder like CZ.

By rexngum | Crypto & Greed | 4 Feb 2023

Online research has been simplified to endless possibilities with artificial intelligence (AI). It would be possible to leverage content uniformity with AI's help rather than human-clustered content. But AI will never take over human creativity nor replace it (CZ is cool and smart).  However, believe me, AI saves time. 

And so, chat GPT creates a crypto exchange in simple and plain English. But not just that, its uniformity is more prompt than that of humans. Yes! I heard you're using chat GPT for free. That's nice because openai; the chat GPT maker outsourced work to low-paid Africans, once again, the west is here. 

Well done to the OGs, their exchanges have helped shape the space, but looking at "how to create a good crypto exchange" is fairly achievable now than then. Wanting to create an exchange, chat GPT will do the work for you absolutely for free.

Found this prompt;

Millennials are boosting how they are making out of AI-generated content. Actually, chat GPT is a good tool to boost your imagination, but never to replace it. I bet it will take a given amount of time for a human to respond to that prompt, but AI will do it in under a minute or so. Wow! it saves time and is more concise. So you shouldn't blame that Russian student who presented their diploma thesis written by chat-GPT. But don't forget, gptzero is here and it's built for educators', claims, -humans deserve the truth.

Hey Anon, can you hear me? Sorry, I have never used chat-GPT; the service is not available here. What the heck? Why am I interested in chat-GPT? Well, there are a lot of AI tools for any content, just a search will point you to endless possibilities from text to image, from text to music, from text to videos, and many more down to generative pre-trained transformers (GPT).

And now, having been aware I don't use chat GPT, should I even write about it? Yes! I found the chat GPT for you no matter what valley you're in, in this world.

It would be a surprise if you tell me you're not familiar with the blockchain and cryptocurrency, then you're doing human damage to your entire generation, in fact, you're useless for believing the government up till now for issuing paper money printed out of thin air, don't believe me? Now you know Russia is decoupling by pegging gold to ruble.

Anon! since the blockchain is a decentralised network, our own first AI-based blockchain that will answer prompts like chat GPT is here. And you're going to be blown away. Merging the blockchain and AI is fast emerging, which will lead to the improvement and growth of any organization.

So what are we talking about? AiPad: A revolutionary launchpad focused on delivering the best of Artificial Intelligence projects in Crypto. Developers will be able to IDO their groundbreaking projects given a strong AI factor on IDO is a common phenomenon in the crypto space to leverage funding. Not just that, as mentioned, with the capabilities of chat GPT, aipad responds to prompts with minimal latency. Been grinding with chat GPT? Then, check out aipad, which is AI plus Blockchain.

Just like chat GPT, the prompt "how to create a good crypto exchange" returns a uniform response. But don't forget AI pad is powered by openai; the chat GPT maker.


Most crypto exchanges are created to maintain satisfaction with customers, and the data from chat GPT and aipad are not far from the truth. Most recently created crypto exchanges have made their platforms simple and easy to access because the modalities for a crypto exchange have well been known than when crypto was starting.

Now! if you are still wondering, the objective of tipping AI and Blockchain to you as the new trend of innovative technology is to prepare you ahead of the crowd. And if you're a fan of AI or Blockchain, then good luck to you. You well deserve the trend.


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