UPLAND, another World, another Facet, New Opportunity

Property to use, I think it is the best expression that can be associated with UPLAND, a metaverse that couples a real geography and transmits it to a virtual world that offers many things beyond being configured as a simple game. And it is that this description can take many forms, and it is really a game not suitable for closed minds, it is a universe of many options, and I think I can qualify it as ahead of its time and its space in the blockchain.

Metaverses have taught us that the reality that emerges in real stories always adapts to a complementary vision between the real world and cyberspace that is presented as a scenario full of new opportunities. This layer of interaction can now show that there are many things that can be built under a new line that defines a unique digital economy, supported by an innovative technology such as blockchain and consumed under the interaction standards that cryptos can offer.

UPLAND, is initially presented as an exchange, purchase and sale, of spaces for real estate, under the action of its UPX governance token, it reflects a simple and didactic way to get into the game that little by little guides you towards a complex development and complete of this virtual universe. The experience in the game will be reinforced as you progress in the purchase, action of the collectible bonds and participation in the particular challenges. The synchronization and support of liquidity, with the UPX token, will always be in constant motion.

As an investor, you must project yourself before a great opportunity that presents itself in this digital field. The decisions as players will be unique and will represent an added value for a new economy that is brewing in these worlds that will soon be a universe beyond a traditional market, a common denominator within the economic language.

As a player, I invite you to evaluate and investigate the options that challenge this new opportunity for interaction in a land already known in reality but in other scenarios and virtual integrations. The program will take users to have experiences in an expanding world such as gaming and virtualization, two fields in complete advance within crypto.

Some of the new facets come from the inquiry, there is a lot of material you can relate to to understand the functional and basic aspects that UPLAND offers. The real world is based on a totally worn-out system, UPLAND is a new dimension in which people can connect and have a virtual representation to buy and sell land, build, buildings, and other updates that just wait to be used. Its UPX will be the window towards the growth of this gaming environment as a business with sustained growth.

Property to play, no, property to use, winning phrase, innovative and extremely profitable, breaking the game schemes to fully delve into blockchain gaming and its new horizons.




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I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

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