Tradition and Evolution, Gold vs Bitcoin

Tradition and Evolution, Gold vs Bitcoin

Gold and Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Gold, two stores of value that destiny has united and put to the test. One of them, gold, has traditionally been a store of value with a long history, accompanying humanity in its development and growth throughout history. It can be said that he already has experience in difficult situations, as it shines more in moments where security is sought against any alteration of any kind.  

Bitcoin (BTC), with a registered trademark since 2009, was born as a response to the uncontrolled advance of an empty centralization that no longer responds to the announcements of a capitalist system that little by little is out of control to remain alive, which since 1971 had already announced a process of transition towards a lack of its existence. 

Most of us have seen how comparisons have emerged, both of gold and BTC, of ​​their actions and of how it can be seen in the future under a situation that is quite averse for humanity. A great test is presented with this pandemic, where both assets begin to show how they act under an increasingly difficult situation and where the severity of a debtor scheme without measures begins to be contemplated throughout this period of macroeconomic changes. 

The validity of the reservation must cover with certain characteristics that would respond easily both with certain limitations. Liquidity is part of gold, its convertibility is practically unique anywhere in the world. BTC is still making progress in this field and its progress is really remarkable for the little time it has. The scarcity may be the most appropriate to be able to transfer position to BTC, it is only limited to 21MM of coins, while gold, although there is no record that it was really scarce, is tied to an uncertainty that little adds up with stocks of this material in maritime areas even in outer space.  

As for its usefulness, gold stands out in various fields, but it is certainly not unique in its characteristics. A process that the BTC does not have much of input. However, it is enough to clarify that its manageability and size is much greater with security and integrity records.  

The gold itself is tied to a logistical component that is quite difficult to handle, very easy to handle and of doubtful presence, just look at the amount of falsification that is involved. The BTC is still dealing with comparisons and qualifications of retrograde money laundering and energy waste schemes, as if the entire fiat system was not designed for energy laundering and spending, even more than its devaluation appearance that serves as a cover for any misdemeanor that currently exists, and this includes paper gold.   

In a certain way, the value that stands out the most in the BTC and that is not considered as a definition to know the performance of a reserve is its status. Its decentralized and independent character is what is worth the most and weighs the most and it is certainly that quality that makes it an element of much attack, a factor that breaks with current models. With this simple argument, you can combat all those scholars who do nothing but discredit the BTC, and who are surely undermining or buying fractions so as not to lose that niche that they have achieved under fruitful schemes protected by owner and fiduciary models, schematized in the purchase and sale of commodities.  

I leave the link of an excellent article that serves very well as a reference and explains in detail the considerations that must be taken in order to correctly judge the dominance of BTC over any asset, including gold.  

I do not deny gold, it is a key and very precious element that plays an important role against the inflationary world, but the physical one, not the role that so many bureaucrats defend and boast of conceptualizing as the all-powerful of the markets.                                

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