The Road to Serfdom

Returning to some words of Friedrich Hayek, I find an incredible compilation of a vision made reality, a certain sense of prediction when explaining that it was forbidden to experiment with money, in a way it has not improved and its situation has only worsened with time. The essence of these lyrics is not far from a reality that surrounds us today. What we see is generally material that has no value and the vision of governments clouds development by new measures of real progress. How right Hayek was.

The transition to a new digital model may provide an answer to this anecdote that is uncovered by the mere implementation of digital currencies. The Bitcoin (BTC) is an open and decentralized system that defines practically everything the Austrian school economist said.

BTC is literally there to gear everything, to achieve that balance especially the banking system. The records and crashes of the crypto market are simple manipulations that force new holders to abort ideas that are only wrapped in a debtor theme. Entering without being clear on the precepts of a decentralized economy will only generate chaos for those who have failed to mature with these financially shaking setbacks. The fundamentals and technology behind BTC and cryptocurrencies are far beyond the stock market records we see day in and day out.

However, the collapse of the fiat system can only be understood by those digital ventures that are developed from the bowels of government, that enhancement that is a hoax, those digital currencies that only focus on the needs of the central bank and that drag more towards a centralized system that controls everything and derogates in a more socialist approach than anything else. The end of capitalism is just a stop on the roadmap they want to implant in us, a ponzi scheme they are trying to maintain, something that would be defined as a road to serfdom.

This unit of account is unique in its world, the BTC will soon be understood in its operability by those who only comply with the denial of these recycled debtor managements. 70% of the world's reserves are held in dollars, these stimuli have the particularity of being delivered directly to the end users. The idea of centralization is a shadow that is already impregnated from the origin of these funds, completely clouding any idea or concept of free market. The big difference and the way to protect oneself from all this is to think already about the new evolution of money, the digital enhancement that only cryptos, in general, can offer.

The servidumbe is a pact that governments will try to avoid breaking, extreme and quantitative measures are taken as the only way to avoid a collapse. Migration to digital currencies from central banks are only leveraged solutions that are governed by the same criteria as debt. Digital currencies must be decentralized, free, must be considered to find something and create a shortcut. The only thing we can do is to try to find a shortcut and create something (Friedrich Hayek).

We are mere sheep going to the slaughterhouse. We must focus on learning well the free development environments that seek to give an access, a great opportunity for more and more actors of this counterculture movement to become interested (Max Kaiser).

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I am a Venezuelan, worker, father of a family who fell in love with this crypto world; I love reading news related to the crypto space, from the technological performance to the shape and concept of each currency in this world.

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