The Green Side of the Force

Irreversible is the most appropriate word to describe the pattern that will now be marked in the DNA of the blockchain. Certainly this whole merry-go-round of statements has made it clear that a green commitment to cryptocurrencies is marked. Since Elon Musk's famous comment, the radicalization towards a more environmental point of view has marked the narrative of many actors to focus and be more consonant with the demands of zero carbon emissions and end up taking advantage of renewable energies that grow in many forms and conditions.

Perhaps this comment from the CEO of TESLA has finally awakened the backbone that cryptos are looking for, especially those with a strong push from the mining sector to seal a commitment to work towards a pact with green energy, a key force in the 21st century.

We are already starting to see commitments from companies looking to add zero-emission or carbon neutral systems to their curriculum to be taken into account again but this time in a different way. PoW does indeed produce a lot of energy consumption, but if we focus on the new green trend we can see a new opportunity presenting itself in the main cryptocurrency market. With China's refusal of mining activity and the punishment that falls on the other stages of BTC, the 60% hash coming from Asia could be downgraded and delegated to those countries with more access to this type of technology and with a much more open performance to the crypto ecosystem. Again, the avenues are open to follow the potential of this market.

These actions find stronger covenants with renewable energies and reinforce the utilization of renewable energy generation. It is incredible that we are seeing more feasible changes, something that other fields, markets and businesses do not even include in their proposals for this new decade to come.

Now, it is important to point out that those cryptocurrencies that do not present or have a change of perspective will have no future. The ecological harvest of ideas that we will begin to see will find very deep and rooted changes in the environmental issue. A lack of proposal with current, current and new tokens will not be valid if they do not demonstrate new forms of energy balance, and this will align with all the stages we know of in the development of tokens; from their concept and supply to those that have a system of rewards through mining.

The world economic future already has a digital face, the visionaries started this journey since 2010. Already in this new ecological stage, the game board is changing and many players will feel the pressure towards a more environmentally friendly event. The bullish break in this last stage has shown us that those who differ from the concepts of BTC and cryptos will continue to be on the lookout until they have a clear position on this issue. Institutionalism would be more in favor of a clear investment if there is zero carbon footprint.

The ball is in our court and it is up to us to play and launch the next move. In all this bearish sea, there is no better position to take advantage of a new, greener image. But from this point on, we must have a unique clarity that this position has no way back and everything related to the cryptographic environment must be on the green side of the force.

I leave the link of an article that reinforced me a lot the new concepts that must be adapted in this new stage not only of mining but of the crypto ecosystem in general. It touches mainly on Bitcoin, but it is well known that the general representation of this new facet should be extended to everything related to the crypto space.


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