The Age of Disorder

The Age of Disorder

The recent report issued by Deutsche Bank manages to compile a somewhat dark scenario, the changes that we will be experiencing are not easy, this report is a very complete piece where interesting points are touched that define our financial system and how it could already change our perception and lifestyle in a time, not too distant.

This document handles very detailed but relevant information, it is a complete study that explains the behavior of the economy, it touches on topics that have been written throughout 2020, of an imminent debt crisis, of the short-term appearance of deflation and a overwhelming inflation that covered the vast majority of economies. The truth is that you can read very hot topics that are related to each other.

What stands out the most is the geopolitical position that will mark this change in the cycle, where the United States, China and Europe will play their decisive role and depending on how they move their cards, they will decide the future of the rest of the world.



The era of disorder will be characterized by eight points, which I allow myself to extract from the original article and are the following.

  • The deterioration of US-China relations and the reversal of globalization, without restrictions
  • A decisive decade for Europe
  • Increased debt, while 'helicopter money' becomes more common
  • Inflation or deflation?
  • The worsening of inequality before a backlash and change occurs
  • The widening of the intergenerational gap
  • The climate debate
  • Technological revolution or bubble?

At each point, geopolitics, the economy, social change, climate change are factors that have taken a turn that the pandemic only accelerated, but that were already beginning to shout for changes to a society that did not qualify what the traditional structures they wanted to obtain, that globalization by itself is just a concept that is diluted with the passage of time and that already has an expiration date. The interesting thing about this is that the last point talks about technology and how this will completely change the game board, something that we all already know.

Let's analyze a bit, technology begins to play a key role in the covid-19 and post-covid-19 era, telecommunications are a clear example of this. We continue with the economic point, we know the great boom that exists in electronic finance and how digital currencies will begin to take a role in everything that is wanted to do, this touches and mitigates points such as inflation, a delicate issue that deserves to be analyzed in depth. The cyptoomnedas are included of course, they are part of those options that we will soon adopt in a massive way, together with their respective competition, the CBDC or the digital Yuam.

The climate debate touches on the great migration of capital towards renewable energies, we see how institutions and great powers now take seriously the rampant investment towards this type of technology, not to save what remains of the planet, but to obtain a new income fixed that the oil no longer managed to give.

Everything in this report has no loss, it is a must read for all those enthusiasts who seek fundamentals, who seek the direction of all this madness that we are experiencing and who confirm that the changes will be radical, well above logic, the era of disorder comes to lay the foundations of a system of truths that will fight against the twisted logic of a false story in which we are all involved but must wake up.

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